Sunday FUNday

Hi guise! And I'm back in "What I did last Sunday?" post. Yay! Its been weeks or months already since I last posted a Sunday post so it's a comeback for me. :)

By the way I started making this post yesterday during our vacant time when suddenly my blockmate borrowed my iPad and stalked my blog. Gosh! Ang kulit! Hahaha. Back to the story...

Last Sunday we went to my cousin's first birthday and baptismal celebration. The reception followed at Cafe Le Barako at De La Salle Lipa. I salute the persons behind the event for making it a blast. I didn't expected that the place/setting was really nice and BOY, I can say that they served world class foods! I'm pretty sure that the persons behind the kitchen were the HRM students of De La Salle. I peeked in inside! HAHA.
My favorite were the crepes! :> Those were served in different flavors. 
I was able to be re-united with my cousins again plus with my other relatives whom I just saw there for the first time. I didn't know we had a family relationship at all.
Look at my tita in the upper part. She's imitating my pose. :<
Cutiepatootie siblings! :') 
Cousin and brother :)

After the party we headed to the mall and again to another mall. I bought a notebook for the first sem. (feeling High School) and at the same time I was able to buy a very cute dainty top for a very cheap price. Happy kid here! :)

The last place where we went was the church. I just have a lot of things to be thankful for!

And this post wouldn't be complete without my OOTD for sure. Sunday is one of my favorite day because it is the day where I can freely express myself in dressing up. Today I opted for a very simple yet catchy outfit. Yah, literally catchy! Everytime I will wear these heels people do always stare at me. Maybe I'm not the kind of girl who'll get people's attention through showing too much skin but rather a girl who will be kept stared at because of my height. I'm not a fan of make-ups either that's why I look so simple in my outfit posts. Maybe a doctor prescribed powder only.

Did I pass the edgy and minimalist look? :) I got my necklace from Vern and Verniece's booth at BU5. Isn't it a statement? :)


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