Yes, August is almost over and that means Hi to ber months and birthday month! :) Before this month come to its end I just want to share with you some of the things which kept me busy and alive for this month. And by the way these pictures were taken after our midterm exams and mostly on and after Bagyong Maring attacked the Philippines which resulted to a long and cozy vacation.

Bye Midterms, Bye August Hello Semi-Finals Hello September Hello Birth month!!!
Some of my relatives told my mom that one of the best pizza in town is Calda Pizza and we should definitely try one. We got curious and tried one. Since we're big in the family (because my cousins were with us), we ordered the second to the biggest. My tita suggested that we should try the Quattro Stagione which consists of 4 different flavors including Bolognese, Hawaiian, Etna and Calda. Boy, it tasted so good. :) It is now one of our favorite. ;)
Krabby Patty version 2.0 :) During the time of Bagyong Maring I was stucked for about a week in the house and I seriously don't know what to do. I saw in our freezer that we have patties so I experimented and thought of making a hamburger. I looked for other ingredients and asked my mom to buy a burger bun. After a few minutes of cooking and preparing here comes the result! :) 
My co-dentists and I celebrated our victory over those midterm exams plus midterm grades. Hahaha. I'm so happy about the results. I hope that it'll continue till finals. 
How about rewarding myself with this super cute New York inspired painting. I honestly wouldn't want to leave this when I first saw it. Let's just say it's a love at first sight thing! ;) 
This is how we prepared for Nicole's 18th. :) I will be blogging about Nicole's 18th Birthday after this post. Wait for it. 
Twins sparated at birth. The effect is really cool right. Thanks to Split Pic app. My cousins and siblings really love it!
This just happened last Wednesday. Finally my BFF had our date after 4 long months. We had our meet-up at SM. We were together for almost 5 hours and roamed the entire mall twice yet still the time isn't enough for all the chikas we brought for each other. I'm so happy for Noreen. I'm so happy for her midterm grades! Hahaha. Next meet-up will happen on her birthday. I can't wait for SEPTEMBER!!! :) 
Though far from the birthday girl we still celebrated her special day. We bought some red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. Happy Happy Birthday to our not so baby girl :P and I hope you enjoyed your day! 
Pre-Dental and Doctor of Dental Medicine Acquaintance Party. A day of FUN and PARTY. Even though it wasn't really my expected Acquaintance party it still went good because of the active participation and efforts of all the Dental students. That day was extra special too because my classmate's friend introduced me to a freshman Nigerian guy who happened to be the most handsome Nigerian so far in our school :P Anyway the best thought that I have in mind right now is that I can't wait to become a clinician too just like the DDM 3 and 4. Let's push this! ;)


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