First Week of August

Hi guys! This is a backlog post. We're on the 4th week of August already but it is only this time wherein I was able to arrange the pictures and put the right words here in this post. My first week of August and until now has been so far so good. I hope that the latter weeks would be also especially that more upcoming and exciting events will be happening. Anyway, sharing with you some pictures I captured the first week. 
*Read through the captions for details. 

Faye's Birthday Treat
Last August 2, we celebrated my close friend's birthday. Good thing it was a Friday and I have no classes or any scheduled appointments. ;) 
What could be more exciting in a girls bonding than fitting and shopping clothes together! ;) 
Before we watch the movie "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo" of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim we first ate together. Bumped into this gorg lady (Danica) :)
What can you say about this top? Yay or Nay? Hahaha. 

 Weekend Visit
Well spent weekend playing and foolin' around with this hot momma and her little creatures. 
Selfies. I <3 HK 

Lunch with Yram
Had a meaningful and well spent lunch with Yram. She took me to a different world where I haven't been at all. I was a first timer and I found the place cooler and nicer than what I usually experience. Well served graham they have! Aside from that we did talked about some personal stuffs like College Life. I miss High School. I miss my friends. Whenever I feel bored and sad and I just don't feel like being with the people around me I call Yram instantly and everything just turn to life!

Pre-Dent Class Picture
PRE DENTAL IA. 25 girls and 5 boys :))) We had our class picture during the first week for our entry in the upcoming Aquaintance Party of the all the Dentistry students from Pre Dental I&II till DDM I-IV. Isn't that FUN? I'm so excited for it!!! 
Wacky with my co-dentists! :)

How was your August? I hope mine will still be good after I see my mid term exam results tomorrow! Haha. 


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