October Diaries

I have lots of backlogs! It is already the fourth week of October but I only published it now. I learned from Tracy Ayson that if you have too many backlogs compile it into a simple one like this to lessen the backlogs and works! It's effective since I started doing it last August. :) Anyway, October was totally a freakin and truly an unpredictable month for us. Many unexpected things happened and of course life lessons learned. Anyway i don't want to elaborate each further, I'll just be sharing with you some of the highlights of my First week of October. :)
Last October 1 the newly elected public servants of my hometown celebrated their 100 days in their position. Okay I don't know too why I'm blogging about this but anyway I'm present there and I must share it to you! Hahaha. For the sake of blogging!
As you can see there was like a feast during the 1st of October. There were decorations, loud music, soo many freebies that all people can enjoy for FREE. Some of which are mani and pedi with nail art (san ka pa!), foot spas and other related pampering stuffs, free foods and drinks, photobooths, cupcakes and lot more. If I don't have classes that day and was only given enough time I would try all those free stuffs! It was like a Candy Fair except that there were no candy cuties and celebrities. Hahaha. 
Before sem break ends my friends and I took alot of selfies. These were only some of the decent pictures selected. :))) Wala e, mamimiss daw nila ako. Lol as if we will be not seeing each other for a long time and we will no longer be classmates in the next term. >.< My clingy babies!
This was supposedly just an ordinary check-up day for me with the doctor until my two cousins joined me! Yey! We were all having our vacation na! After my quick injection we hanged-out at the mall. We don't usually do this together before but since we were the only teens who were left here in the Philippines during that time we thought of going out and have our one of a kind bonding experience. Lol. 
It was only last week that I had my pictures with the bloggers printed. Hahaha. Finally I can erase those already and I'll make sure to replace it again with newer ones! :) Bloggers United will be up again for their 6th installment this coming December! Who's coming?!!! 


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  1. looks like ur having a great month so far! just discovered ur blog and i love it.


  2. Kylie, Thanks dear! I visited your blog too! I like your outfits especially the one with the red blazer and printed leggings :)