October Diaries Part 2

Tito Ed's Birthday. My lolo-tito, Councilor Gerry Dela Roca, celebrated his birthday last October 16. This man is extra special to me because he is very kind to my family and to all the other relatives out there. Whenever I'm with his family I feel that I truly belong. My tito stand as my second father and at the same time her daughters who are my equally big twin sisters are very kind and caring to me. Infact we were always mistaken as biological sisters because most of the people say we look-like each other. :) 
Yakap ng Pastol viewing. This was the first time we saw my brother act live on stage! :) I'm so proud of him. You can read my blog about it and view the pictures I captured by clicking this. :)
Benevolence Reunion. I can't remember when was the exact date Benevolence went out together but I know it was during the 4th week of October. :) I missed them seriously. None of them has changed as I was expecting. Still loud, fun and sexy! They were still who they are when I first met each of them. Looking forward to our next meet-up and reunion. Credits to Rica for the pictures (except for the 3 last one which are mostly selfies XD)
Vintage Saturdate.  This post was originally titled Look Who's Back. I really had fun during Ate Ghen and I's first ever date this year. She accompanied me first to the hospital for my weekly check-up but then the doctor was absent for some reason. We decided to spend the whole day catching up with each other and hanging out to the fullest.    
Weekend FUN. I still haven't posted my blog about this but I am really excited for you to see the pictures I've compiled because this was probably the main highlight of my sembreak. It was so fun and many things happened during our 2 days stay in my grandparent's hometown. Time always flies fast when we're having fun that's why we need to cherish every moment we have with the persons we love the most.
Pamper Date with Mimi. That day was really exhausting for me and Mimi. During the afternoon we went to the hospital for my check-up. While waiting for my turn we decided to go to the nearest mall to have our lunch and merienda. We walked and roamed around the mall for about 3 hours already yet still it wasn't my turn to have my check-up. It was by then 4 pm that I had my check-up done. We went back straight to my hometown but decided to check-out before heading home the newly renovated branch of Nail Couture. The place was really pretty. They even revised a quotation of Audrey Hepburn and put it as a design on the wall. The nail artists were kind enough to accommodate us even though they were already closing. Thanks to them for giving us a nice service. :)
Catch-Up Date with my HS Buddies. And lastly my October wouldn't be complete without my catch-up date with my High School friends. It feels so good to be with them again. Lots of college stories including the boys! hahaha. 

I'm looking forward to my November! Hope my second sem and yours too will start right and fun! :) It's 50 days already before Christmas! Do you already have your Christmas wishlist? 


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  1. Great post! :) Looks like u had a fun-filled October! I just started my 2nd sem and so far my November is looking pretty bad haha :)


  2. Kylie, Yes! I definitely had! Bad start of November? How did you say so? I know it's going to be pretty cool in the next days! :) Thanks for dropping by! :D