Hey everyone! I'm finally down in blogging my last day in Daegu and first day in Seoul! Our last day in DHC was meant for a brief awarding and giving of certificates during the morning. It was held at the international office of DHC at 10am and went for our last lunch in Daegu in a local restaurant near our dorm after. We left for Seoul via KTX and had a good 3 hours train ride with a view of the countryside. 

My first day experience in Seoul is definitely one for the books! Honestly speaking, this trip made me realize so many things in life. First, nothing worth having comes easy!!! Before we saw the beauty of Seoul we had undergone A LOT of mishaps from the very first step we had in the place. Second, Backpacking is not really for me. I've traveled to some good places already and I must say that I'd still always choose to travel hassle free by getting a package tour from agencies. It was my first time to experience travelling without any tour guide fetching me from airport or station to hotel/airbnb or not being able to manage and maximize my time through planned itineraries or being able to experience the "full tourista feels" through the special treatment and services offered. It's not that I didn't liked what we had experienced in Seoul but it was a lesson for me to always choose what's hassle free to fulfill the real turista experience even just for few days. :) Third, travel light (especially if you don't book for private rides or no one's gonna bring your luggages for you) THIS IS THE BEST LESSON THAT I'VE LEARNED FROM MY TRIP! I probably had the heaviest luggage among my friends plus hand carry and I had a really hard time bringing everything in going up and down the stairs in Seoul station. It was probably the worst travel experience that I had. Lastly, learn to budget your money. I'm a pro when it comes to budgeting. I have a tight budget for 10 days when I was in Korea but I do think that I bought so much stuffs and foods there. I also don't know how everything I bought fitted my budget (and luggage!!! HAHA) but it's one thing that I'm proud of as a traveler! I'm learning the art of being a smart traveler when it comes to budgeting my money. Hopefully, I'll learn how to pack light next so I will not let myself worry and stress again if I'll be over baggage or not. :)
After we checked-in to our Airbnb we opted to rest and arrange our luggages and things. We left after an hour for our first Seoul itinerary, Myeongdong!!! Finally, a taste of what I call real Korea feels! Haha! Myeongdong is a shopping street which houses a lot of shopping stalls and shopping boutiques especially cute things and skincare products. Ang sarap sa mata ng mga tinda! Nakaka hypnotize na mapapabili ka na lang! Everything is there- the skincare products that you only see in the internet, the shoes that you still have to pre-order online, those fresh and juicy strawberries and those mouth watering street foods! Myeongdong is definitely a shopping heaven for everyone. If I will be going back to Seoul for another trip I'll surely get a hotel near the place so I will be able to spend my free time and nights there. 
Shoes were cheaper in Downtown Daegu than in Myeongdong but was still able to score one from this place.
Tried the famous egg buns but honestly, I don't think it's worth the price. I mean it's too expensive for this little bun. Hehe. 
After we had our shopping done, we still have to walk a long way in order to get to our airbnb .This was our view and way to our space. Our Day 8 was the most tiring of all our days in Korea but it was also the most memorable for me. Watch out for my remaining travel posts and I'm sure that your eyes will feast with so much colors and views! :)


Hey guys! I’m taking a break first in posting my drafted blog posts for Korea and would be introducing a brand that I’ve recently worked with. I know most of you have heard about Babyonlinedress already and I’m sure that most of you have also visited their website. We all know that they have a wide range of different kinds of dresses for all occasions and I’ll be talking about their seasonal sexy bridesmaid dresses since it’s June, the month when couples usually tie their knots!

Whenever my friends or cousins ask me to be one of their bridesmaid in their wedding the first thing that I usually look forward to is the gown that I’ll be wearing. I’m really particular with the design of the dress because I want to look good and beautiful on the special day. I always opt for dresses that will make me look slimmer and taller and of course, the gown that will make me comfortable wearing it all throughout the ceremony and event. I know it’s quite hard to choose something wherein you’ll feel comfortable and one suggestion that I can give is, choose a fabric that is breathable and not itchy when worn. Infinity dresses are what I’m talking about and it’s one thing that I always consider when I’m choosing mine.

I’ve picked some from Babyonlinedress that you might consider in picking yours! :)

See you in my next posts! :)


Our Day 7 was the last day of our training in DHC. Before the day ended we opted to visit Indang Museum. It is located inside the school campus and it's a pretty huge place that exhibits the artworks of their students. I loved the interior and the minimalist design of the museum. My favorite spot was their stairs! Such a nice area to take some photos. :)
My outfit for that day actually complemented with the colors of the artworks and the museum. I decided to wear a floral dress that I got from Shein. It's actually made of a thin material which I'm not surprised because it's from the category of summer dresses. I purposely got it for the fact that I can reuse it as many times as I want here in the Philippines. Because it wasn't fully summer season yet in Korea when we went there I brought this mustard coat and wore it when the temperature got chillier during the late afternoon. Another thing that I want to emphasize in this look are these pair of cute chunky sandals! It's actually one of the most satisfying piece that I got from Shein! Despite of having 2 inch heels, I still felt comfortable walking in it the whole day. My feet did't hurt at all! I can already imagine pairing it with lots of outfits! 
Floral dress- Shein
Ankle strap chunky heels- Shein

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Rainy and chill weather on our last Monday required a comfy and cozy outfit.  Our Day 6 in Daegu was one of my favorite school day because the weather was windy all throughout the day. I opted to mix and match 2 of the comfiest pieces in my wardrobe- turtle neck top and pants. This pair of pants were actually one of the Shein pieces that I brought with me in Korea. It's my first time to order a pants from them and it exceeded my expectations. Felt like I was wearing pajamas the whole day because it's so soft and it provides excellent comfort on my legs. Aside from that these pants showed the figure of my body that I didn't know existed. Haha! Nagkaron ako ng S curve- parang class 2 preparation lang haha!  
Turtle neck top- Uniqlo
Elastic Plaid Pants- Shein

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After class we were invited by our classmates for a night out. We looked for a place to go to and ended up in a bowling area near our dorm. I enjoyed playing bowling and didn't know that I'm somewhat good at it. HAHA! It was also a good night to dance and go along with Blackpink's hits. Parang nasa concert lang ang peg. 
Belated Happy Birthday, Claire! :)