Hey guys! Christmas is just around the corner and I can really feel it with the busy streets, mall crowd, night lights and TRAFFIC! Haha! A lot of people are trying their knot and ringing their bells this Christmas or nearly after New Year. I actually have one to attend to already next year February! Guess what? I’ll be a bridesmaid again to my ninong’s wedding!!! And if given the chance to help my future ninang with all the preparations on her wedding I’ll be more than willing to recommend her a jewelry shop that I know named Jeulia. Jeulia is a Hong Kong based jewelry shop that showcases a lot of jewelries- rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even charms!

To all the bride to be ladies that are currently reading my blog, you’re surely lucky to be here for an exciting announcement! Jeulia is currently having its Christmas SALE of around 20%--50% on some selected items from the category of bridal ring sets- engagement rings, wedding ring for the bride and wedding ring for the groom!

They also have vintage bridal sets and sterling silver bridal sets that you should check out. Each rings are well curated and are custom made to evoke the personality and emotion of the buyer. If I were to help my ninang in choosing her wedding ring I would probably suggest these following rings to her:

Classic Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set

Halo Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set

Modern Asscher Cut Interchangeable Sterling Silver Ring Set

Irregular Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set

All these rings that I’ve chosen have one thing in common- they are all classy and elegant. It’s not too thick and it doesn’t have too much stones. If you have the same taste as mine you may want to consider these rings in choosing your own! If not, you can visit Jeulia’s website and see the rings for your own!

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!


Hello December!!! We're finally down to my favorite month! I don't know if it's just me or it's everyone's favorite month because it marks the official start of the holidays! Aside from that we're only down to our last 10 days in school for this semester! Ahhh, I'm so excited!!! But apart from being excited that I'm going to end one semester again lol I'm happy to have reached and accomplished most of my goals this 2018. Even though this year have been tough and the most stressful for me (sign of adulting???) this year also brought the best in me in facing my anxieties and lowest. I'm grateful for all the people that I met, for all the people who helped and supported me, for all the people who never changed and for all the people who stayed. I'm closing this year full of learnings and unforgettable experiences and hoping to open a new year of more opportunities and room for growth. 
Outfit. It felt like I've been celebrating my birthday every week for like 2 months already because of the international packages that I was receiving. This skirt that I'm wearing is my latest order from Shein. I purposely got this black skirt because I want to complete all the colors of the maxi skirts from their site! I now have it in colors pink, silver, green, red and finally in black! :) This skirt is versatile. It goes well with anything- whether you want to dress down or use it as a formal wear. This will definitely be overused because I'm reserving this skirt already for an event next year February.

If you want to purchase this skirt you can have it for only $31 or you can visit Shein's website for more details. Here's an extra 15% off treat for you when you purchase any items from Shein's site. Just use the coupon code: missdr15 upon check out. :) 
Still, nothing beats the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen- home.


Earlier this month my eldest cousin from my mother side just got married. I was the acting maid of honor and you don't know how flattered I was to be given that role because I felt like I'm her most trusted cousin and sister among all the girls that she know. Aside from my cousin's wedding that just happened this month I was given the honor again to walk on the entourage of my godfather on his wedding day on February next year. It's really heartwarming to take part on the most important events in their lives especially their weddings. Every detail of it is well thought of, well planned and well organized. And that being said one of the most important thing that each couple plans is their precious rings. I've came across a newly discovered online jewelry shop named BBBGEM which sells wedding and engagement rings. I visited their site and they have so much to offer! My top 3 favorite rings would be Alexandrite Promise rings, Tsavorite engagement rings and Rose gold emerald engagement rings. Here are some of it:

To my soon to be Mrs. readers, you might want to consider their shop in choosing your engagement and wedding rings! You have a lot of options and choices! :) 

Follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: @bbbgems for more updates on incoming designs, promotions and sales! 


I've always been practical when it comes to the safety of my gadgets because I've saved every penny just to buy each of it. With the safety that I have mentioned, I always make it a point to buy cases that even if my phone accidentally falls it doesn't get any scratch at all. Just recently I came across FYY store which sells a lot of gadget cases, bags and office products. I went through the site and saw this Marble Pattern Smart Case iPad cover.   
This FYY case fits only the 2018 model of iPad Pro 12.9. What I loved about this case is that it has card slots that can store multiple business cards and bank cards. It has also a pencil holder for carrying your pen around easily and conveniently. Lastly, they have it in my favorite color, PINK! :)
FYY Amazon has this product too! You can check it out on Amazon's website or you can visit FYY's website for more details!