Heyyy! I'm back with a new post on the first day of December! It's almost Christmas guys! Ahh, I'm already excited and has been looking forward for this month to come! What are your holiday plans? :) Well, as for me, I'm already looking forward in the upcoming parties and reunions of our family. We always celebrate our annual Christmas party every last week of December and it excites me every time my cousins abroad celebrate it with us. Another thing that excites me is our family travel this month. I'm excited for this one because I'll tick off another country in my bucket list with a new group of people! I really hope that this month will be one of a kind and memorable! December, please take all my stress awaaay!
Swinging in the last few days before this year ends, Paulo and I went to tick off another place in our bucket list. During the third week of October we went to Villa Jovita, the so called Bali of Batangas, to celebrate and enjoy our 25th monthsary together. We're not really the typical bf/gf who celebrates our monthsary every month but whenever we think of a new place to go we make use the date of our monthsary to remind us when we exactly went to that certain place. :) 
Outfit. If I would go to Bali this month (but sorry I'm not) I know I would have lots of options of dresses. I know my closet is made for places like this! I really love dressing in a tropical setting- maxis and flowy fabrics, floral and summer prints you name it! I know it sounds too much but every time I'm going to a new place I want to wear something new and something in theme. When I saw this dress from SHEIN I know I have to get it for our Villa Jovita trip. It's an asymmetrical ruffle jumpsuit dress- a combination of my 2 favorites. I loved the bold color because it stood out from the rest and it complemented the Bali vibes of the place. Of course I loved the style as well especially the long flowy back skirt. It really does its wonder every time I walk. The top of this jumpsuit can be quite revealing so I decided to wear a bandeau bra underneath. Overall, I really love this jumpsuit and I hope that I can still wear this again in my beach trips next year. Crossing my fingers I'll be slimmer for summer! Hahaha! :)  
Black Friday Sale is over but because SHEIN wants to extend their Christmas Sale for all their #SHEINgals they came up with a Cyber Monday that started yesterday and will last until December 3. Coupon code for an extra 15% off is still BF191689. Don't forget it upon check out! :) Don't forget to use the hashtags #SHEIN #SHEINgals #SHEINCYBERMONDAY when you post your SHEIN items too! :)

Asymmetrical Ruffle Wrap Jumpsuit from SHEIN- $28

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Hey everyone! It's almost December and I can already feel the Christmas vibes everywhere I go. I noticed that it's getting cold most especially at night, Christmas songs are on repeat everywhere and there are more opening of light decorations in the different cities in our province. One of the least thing that I didn't liked about this season (well, there is!) is actually the struggle to spot an empty parking lot in malls because there were literally a lot of people who are already having their Christmas shopping this early! The waiting time for a table in a restaurant is so long that you'd rather have a drive thru and eat it in your house than wait to be called out. Lines in cashiers are also stressing me out especially when most people buy 2 carts full of random things and then use their credit cards to pay. It just makes everything longer.  
The most convenient and possible way for me to buy presents for my family and loved ones is to shop online! I've been an online shopper for almost 9 years and I know that I've saved more than when I shop in malls. It's because I always wait for my favorite brands and shops to announce their weekend SALE. Yessss, I add to cart most items when I feel like to and then click that check out when I already have a coupon code. I'm always prepared for SALEs! Haha! This pair of Lace-up Front Knit Sneakers is actually one of my Christmas gift for myself. I was surprised when I tried it because it's very comfortable to wear and definitely has a good quality. Another SHEIN quality approved pair for me! :)
Speaking of SALE, SHEIN is currently having their Black Friday SALE until November 29. Score items for 15% less when you use the code: BF191689 upon checkout! :) Get this pair for only $24 less 15%! :)

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Hey guyss! Thanks God "It's Finally Fridaayyy!" It means that it's the last full day of work/school and the start of a stress free night weekend. Are you the person who'd just prefer to rest and watch netflix or spend the night outside with friends? Well, I prefer to rest and sleep and look forward to the next day of Saturday clinic. Haha! Most of you know already how much I love exploring new places and going on trips with my friends. Most of it were planned kase "hindi uso samin ang biglaan." We have to decide first how far we'll go and budget the money and time that we have for that day. Aside from that I also consider the outfit that I'll wear because I always make sure to match it with the theme of the place. Ganito na siguro talaga pag fashion blogger! Haha! But guys, consider this tip from me. I encourage you to dress nicely when you go on trips especially the out of town and country ones. You will always pose for pictures and I'm sure that you would love to see yourself look "extra" even for once. Going on a winter trip in Japan or Korea? Wear that faux fur coat and pose fiercely for photos! How about a beach trip in Palawan or Boracay? It's time to wear the swimsuit that you've been saving for so long in your closet. Try to look extra and I'm sure that you'll love it when you see your photos printed and displayed already! Take it from me! :)  
Outfit. This tropical print ruffle dress has actually stayed for so long already in my cart. When I thought of making my November Summer Dress Series I checked this dress if it still has my size. Luckily, Shein still has it and finally after 7 months I was able to order it. Haha! I am very satisfied with my order. I love the length, the prints and the style of this dress. I also love the cool tones and the summer vibes it bring. Thanks Shein for my dress!

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Living in a tropical country means experiencing a one whole year of summer days. We're in the mid week of November already but there are no hint of any cold or even just a chill breeze in our place. It's only either pure sunshine or a heavy rain. One of the many things that I'll be forever thankful in living in the Philippines is that I get to hoard and wear every summer dress that I want. You know how much I love wearing maxis, pastels and tropical prints! I will forever live up for those summer dresses and you will see in my next posts on how I style my new set of dresses. For now, here's my first look in my lined up "November Summer Dress Series".
Outfit. I ordered a bunch of summer dresses lately and I bought it in 3 different styles and designs. This white ruffle schiffy dress is one of them. I love how chill and pure this dress looks and I just love the light vibes it brings. The color of the dress is also very summery and youthful. As most people say, "You can never go wrong with white." This outfit can absolutely testify to that!

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