February has been a month of fullness and sweetness. Almost all the people I met told me that I look blooming. Am I?? I'm getting fat and gaining weight and I'm quite worried about it because I'm starting to become my favorite fluffy marshmallows already. But sometimes instead of worrying my body fats HAHA I just choose to live the moment and enjoy the food in front of me. I have the best food trip buddies anyway and I'm happy that eating is thrice more fun with them. The month of February has been nothing but full of love- love from family, friends and boyfriend. They have been so good and I just want to give them back in return. Instead of expecting love- GIVE IT. Spend some time with your mom- treat her on a date, give your boyfriend a little token for being patient with all your mood swings, give your cousin that cute watch she's eyeing from your closet or spoil your younger brothers because your mom's not here and you can't do anything about it (HAHA, joke!) It seems like February felt a little extra Christmas for me. Haha! To everyone who's reading this, let's be a source of love this February!!! Sending you all a FAT I LOVE YOU and greeting you all a Happy Valentine's day! :)
Outfit. I don't actually know how I came up with stripes, denim and florals combination in an outfit but I think I pulled it off. Did I?? Haha! Anyway, I got a new denim skirt!! :) I'm not a fan of denim skirts pero ang lakas kase maka sexy e. It's a pencil cut skirt with a lot of button details and side slit. I got it from Shein for only $18 or around Php 900. I thought of pairing it with this off shoulder top that I have  for almost 2 years in my closet and was used only once way back November 2016 on Mimi's birthday. It's time for a closet clean-up!! I also got a new floral sandals that I've been overusing already. I got it from Gamiss for only $12.87 or Php 640. Isn't it cute? :) Thank you Shein and Gamiss for my cute clothes! I can't wait to wear the other items that I ordered from your site!:)

See you in my next posts! :)


Paulo is someone I would have never imagined coming in to my life. He's not just the plot twist that happened to me last year but the biggest surprise that completed my 2017. Although I'm still guilty of the fact that I promised my mom :( and my family that I will not have a boyfriend until I graduate I have no regrets that I entered a relationship with him. (I didn't hide our relationship. I have introduced him to my mom the moment I knew him. I don't want to keep secrets to my mom especially when it comes to boys!)

Paulo's courting experience with me has been tested with patience. As he always say, win or lose he will always be ALL-IN when it comes to me. Whether I've been really moody to the point that I don't talk to him for 5 days straight (yet he still keeps on updating me) or mad or annoying or pabebe, or be a combination of all of those I've never heard of him complaining or showing hints of giving up. I've seen all his efforts and his willingness to be introduced to my family. 
First Monthsary // November 17, 2017 // Lunch Date at Batangas Country Club
Paulo's original plan was suppose to be a lunch date in TOP restaurant but the reservation that he made went overdue because I spent more than an hour preparing and dressing up. Haha! Sorry love. I just want to look good in your eyes. We headed over to one of my family's favorite go-to-restaurant whenever we have family gatherings. It was his first time there. We had the place all by ourselves that's why we were able to take advantage by taking my outfit shots for the blog. I declare Paulo as the new photographer of my blog HAHAHA! He's part of the team now.

Second Monthsary // December 17, 2017 // Balay Dako, Tagaytay
It was a fun road trip going to the South. He had my pictures taken first in Sky Ranch (blogger jowa doing his job HAHA), went to Sonya's Garden where we were suppose to have our lunch date but it turned out that I didn't liked the place so we decided to buy some breads instead from their bakery, head further to Twin Lakes in search of a nice restaurant but Bag of Beans was closed and lastly headed to Balay Dako to finally suffice our starving tummies. It was actually one of the top restaurant that I wanted to visit and try since then and I'm happy we ended up there. :) It was another memorable day with my love because I got to spend one whole day of adventure and food trip with him. :)

Third Monthsary // January 17, 2018 // Dinner Date at Sawali Restaurant + KTV in 3:16 Food Park
Our 3rd monthsary celebration was not grand compared to the first two but was surely my favorite among the 3. It was my first day of second semester. The original plan was he will fetch me after school and we'll have dinner in Alpa Hotel. When we got there they told us that their "Princesa" restaurant was closed already and was under new management. I was a little bit bitter hahaha because Paulo wasn't able to taste the foods there. It was just too good!!! Sayang :( We don't know where else to go since it was already 6pm and we can't go farther because we both have curfews. He drove his way to SM but I told him to stop when we reached Sawali Restaurant. I haven't tried eating there and I thought that it would be a better decision than to eat in fast foods again in SM. As always, we ordered a meal for 4 hahaha and as expected it was too much for the two of us. After we eat, we headed to 3:16 and rent a KTV room. I HAD A CONCERT WITH LADY GAGA SONGS!!! It was LIT!!! It was definitely my kind of date night! :)

3 months of love and friendship with Paulo is like 3 months of having a real best friend and boyfriend at the same time. We get to know and appreciate more each other's strengths and weaknesses, got more comfortable talking about anything and everything, got into more fights, tampuhan and problems yet still remains stronger and happier after every "Bati na tayo love ha" He's just one of the most thoughtful and caring person I met and have shown me the love I never knew I wanted. Cheers to our first 3 months together! :)


The real battle has already begun. Second semester just started last week and I'm officially back to being a dentistry student. To be honest, I felt pressured and stressed during the completion week. Problems started arising due to the delay of finishing Clinic I that might affect the deadline of that one scholarship I'm sticking to as well as the struggle of the approval of certain patients for 2 cases. But of course there's no any other way to solve the problem than to face it, try again if it failed and still, be positive. Update? I'm finally enrolled in Clinic 2! Yayyyy! It's actually a big deal, well for me, because I got to surpass Clinic 1 on time and continue to the next level of clinics. I know there's more to come in the next days (but hopefully none huhu) but I know that I'll be able to overcome all things through God who strengthens me. Thank you Lord for your guidance. You never fail me. :)
One thing that helps me keep up with pressure and stress is keeping myself inspired and motivated at all times. Aside from my family, my mom, my dreams, I have my favorite quotes that I live which helps me build a positive mindset and aura. Let me spill to you some of it! :)
"Make sure you don't start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don't value you. Know your worth even if they don't."
"Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things."
"One day you'll wake up and there won't be anymore time to do the things you've always wanted to do. Do it now."
"When you least expect it, something amazing will come along. Something even better than you imagined."
"You only have so much emotional energy each day. Don't fight battles that don't matter." -Joel Osteen
"Remember the days you prayed for what you have now."
"I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but, instead help them reveal the greatest version of themselves." - Steve Maraboli
"I know this transformation is painful, but you're not falling apart; you're just falling into something different, with a new capacity to be beautiful." - William C. Hannan
"The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday."
"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it." 
"Don't look for love. Quietly give it away and let it find you back."
"I trust the timing of my life."
"Look for the bad, you'll find the bad. Look for the good, you'll find the good."
"Give yourself the permission to be where you are and to still be loved for it."
"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem."
"Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside."
"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."


Top from Forever21
Skirt from Sumissura
Sunnies from Zaful


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