I was recently contacted by Light, a new technology company to take part of their #VantagePoint project. It is a project were some bloggers were chosen to take part to share some of their favorite stories and photos from different locations and how they captured the moment. I’m not saying that I’m not interested with the project (because I do!!) but I know someone who’s passion with photography fits more with this kind of project than I do. I immediately contacted him and asked if he could make a guest post on the blog and luckily he agreed. 

"Hello guys. So I was given a chance by a special friend to create a blog post about one of my passion and that is taking photographs. To be honest with you I don’t have any idea on creating a blog HAHAHA so I’ll just start by introducing my partners in taking those awesome shots.  All photos were taken using Canon EOS 1300D and Canon SX420. Most of the time I use my SX420 for “distant shot” landscape photos or just general view photo for it has a very powerful zoom lens while my 1300D for photos with subject’s, portraits, events, artistic and urban zooms. Here are some of my best shots at various places like London, Singapore, Cebu PH, and Bataan PH." 
"This photo was taken in the streets of London with my friends. We travelled towards the bank of the river where we took a nice photo of the iconic London Bridge. Since it was gloomy that day I set the camera setting to manual and enhance its setting to make it look cold. I love to take photos with silhouette effect and this one was my first silhouette shot in an urban place."
"This one is at the top of Greenwich Park, still in UK. There is no special effect with this photo but it takes an effort to take this shot because, as you can see, it was perfectly taken at the middle of the street and the timing was just perfect as the two cars passed parallel to each other."
"This one was taken at Marina Bay, Singapore and this was actually the first shot of my Canon 1300D. For this shot I used the fish lens effect for a wider look. To take this aerial shot I purposely climbed a bridge trusses. Luckily there were no cops around that time though the original plan was to have a long exposure shot to vanish the people walking around. But I still consider this as one of my best shot in Singapore."
"This is the bridge that I climb to take that photo. As you can see I use the long exposure so there would be no cars and people walking around. Long exposure can be achieved by adjusting your camera setting to manual and remove the auto focus then set the shutter speed to your desired speed. For this shot I set it to minus 20 seconds to achieve it."
"Of all the silhouette shots that I have taken this one is my favorite. This was taken at Corregidor. If I’m not mistaken this location was called Battery sunset. Battery means a location where canons were placed during World War 2. It’s an ideal location for taking this kind of photo. It has a great view of the sea and the sun. It is also an ideal resting place after a long day of exploring the island. This photo was taken using manual setting. I focused at the sun as my subject to achieve the blurry effect."
"This is the view that you will enjoy if you have the chance to visit the island. Luckily the sun wasn’t entirely blocked by the clouds and it made the photo more stunning. We have to wait for 25 minutes to capture this photo but because of the great ambiance, we had a great time waiting for the perfect timing." 
Thank you guys! I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post. :)

Thanks Light.co and #VantagePoint project for the opportunity. 
Pictures were taken by Mr. Paulo Aguila. :)


Are you guys into experimenting your hair with different looks in the salon? If it’s a yes, WOW! I already consider you brave haha if not, well, I can feel you! I’m not really one of those persons who take risks when it comes to restyling my hair. I haven’t tried any hair treatments from salons that involve some sort of chemicals to make it straight, wavy or colored. I haven’t even tried hot oil! I also haven’t tried a different style of cut like having full bangs, or side bangs, or shaggy cut just because I’m afraid that I might regret it for a long time. Yes, I don’t change my look and I don’t know when will I be brave enough to do so. 
For the mean time the only and easiest way that I thought of to change one’s hairstyle is by using hair extensions. There are a lot of hair vendors that offer different kinds of wholesale extensions and for today’s post I'll be introducing  a new online shop that I just recently discovered named TedHair

“Ted Hair is a premier hair trading and manufacturer, meanwhile your reliable partner in growing your beauty business. We supply top quality hair products at the best price with extraordinary customer service and provide a turn-key business solutions to beauty professionals and entrepreneurs. We provide premium hair extensions to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, beauty or hair salons, online stores and hair stylists around the world. Ted Hair supply virgin Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closures, colored remy hair and more.”-- TedHair
There’s actually a lot to choose from like the two set of hair extensions above. One of which is the TedHair virgin hair wholesale extensions which can be further categorized to virgin brazilian/ malaysian/ indian/ peruvian and even ombre hair! They already sold a lot of extensions and you can watch the reviews on their youtube channel. If you want to check it out and look for other extensions that suit you, you can head on and visit Tedhair's website. :)
You can follow them on
Facebook // Instagram // Youtube


Hey guyssss! How are you all doing? Most of us, if not all, are currently addicted to listening and singing along to new songs these days. I bet everybody knows the song Despacito and got everyone movin’, and singin’ (although only few understands the lyrics hahaha) to the beat!!! I’m guilty of this! Some of you may know already that I’m also a musician and I love entertaining and sharing my music to everyone. I sing and at the same time play the piano and it’s sad for my part that I wasn’t able to fully focus and give much attention to it. But of course I still go back to my passion whenever I have some time to spare. 
Anyway, I’ve recently discovered two great artists of our generation who, just like me, are called to express themselves in the form of their music. These two people are no other than Max Foxx and Nicky Renard. I feel really happy and proud to have found and heard their latest single! To give you a little background, Max Foxx and Nicky Renard are both into rock music. They are both the composer and two talented artists behind the newest single, Grovy Lane. "Max composed the basic chords of Grovy Lane, which have remained the same with the only change that Max nowadays plays the chords on acoustic 12-string guitars. However, after the chords were composed, they were left dormant for decades until a jam session Max had with Nicky Renard in October 2016. Nicky composed some additional parts and the solo, and that was how the decade-old chord progression became the foundation of Grovy Lane. His main instruments are electric and acoustic guitars as well as various keyboards. On the other hand, Nicky dedicated herself to vigorously practicing on her own and composing songs herself. Today Nicky plays on several different electric guitars, mainly Gibsons, and her absolute favorite, the one used on the long solo in Grovy Lane, is a 1960 Gibson TV Special." I hope more people in the music industry will be given attention and credit for what they share and love to do. I know they’re going to make it big!!! 
Grovy Lane was finally released last June 30, 2017 as a single! If you’re into classic rock songs I’m sure you’ll love this! :) You can now listen to their single on Spotify or download the song on iTunes. Don’t forget to visit and like their facebook page and follow their instagram account. :) 


Heyyy guys! How are you all doing? Here's a post of my favorite set of pictures from our trip to 10,000 Roses. 10,000 Roses is one of the newest cafe in Cebu that everyone is talking about! When I first saw it in the internet I already put it in my bucket list as one of the places I'll go when I visit Cebu! The place is so dreamy and kind of romantic, I guess? Haha! It's named 10,000 Roses because, from the name itself, the cafe holds 10,000 white plastic roses that when viewed from different angles could look like an endless field of white blossoms. It was quite far from the city, maybe a 40-minute ride, but of course it was worth it. It's also a plus that it's not crowded when we went there. They say it's much better if we go there during dawn or evening because the roses light up and it's times 2 more romantic. However, we weren't able to push it because we might not catch our flight back to Manila. Here are some of the touristy pictures that we captured during our quick stay. :)

There you gooo! My Cebu-Bohol travel posts and vlog are coming next!!! :)
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Heeeyyy yooo! I recently got this box from my tita and thought of putting some of the cute stuffs that I just recently received from friends and blog sponsors. It contains a lot of random things but most especially accessories that I'll still be sharing in my next outfit posts. For now let me show you what's inside the box. :)
Giraffe pencil case. I don't know what's so special about giraffes but I do find them attractive!! I don't have a collection of giraffe stuffs but I'm thinking of starting a collection. This pencil case is a pasalubong from a friend during his recent trip. Ang cute lang! Neckless daw kasi. Haha! It looks almost the same as my neckless favorite giraffe travel pillow that I named after my favorite singer, Bruno Mars. :))
Weave storage bag. I got this bag from Bohol. I don't usually buy the traditional t-shirt souvenirs whenever I go to a new place and instead I buy stuffs that I find new in my eyes. I can't get off my eyes on this bag when I first saw it. Hinawakan ko na talaga kasi last piece and design na 'to. Medyo nagka agawan pa kami ng cousin ko. Haha! I first saw and touched it so it was really for me! Isn't it cute? :) It now houses some random letters and notes from elem & high school friends and some random love notes from strangers. (Yes, I keep it!)
Bohemian tassel circle drop earrings. Tassel earrings have made its come back to the fashion world! I've been seeing a lot of this from different online shops and from different fashion bloggers. This pair from Zaful caught my attention. I love the off white color because it's versatile to pair with any outfit. It's quite big but keri naman. When it comes to accessories you know I can pull almost anything. :) 
Tassel water drop earrings.  Another one on my purchase is this pair of teardrop tassel earrings. The color and gem detail are both catchy! I can't wait to match this with my new dress. Watch out for it on my next style post! :)
Geometric woven watch. Who doesn't love dream catchers? I'm a fan of dream catchers! When I saw this watch from Zaful I know I just have to include it in my shopping bag.  Ang cute lang! I got it for only $5.13!! :)
Cat eye mirrored sunglasses. Can you see meee? Haha! My love for sunnies has been too obvious that whenever I post a new one some of my friends ask how many pairs do I have. Since summer started I always purchase a new pair whenever I pull out some clothes and accessories from different international shops. When I saw this cat eye mirrored sunnies from Gamiss I immediately added it in my cart. My recent purchased sunnies look like almost the same-- pink metal mirrored sunnies. The only difference is the shape and design. Haha! Sorry na! Btw, this one is on SALE! I got it for only $5.26 instead of $12.01. You can visit Gamiss website for more fashionable finds especially vintage dress. :)

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1. Favorite place traveled? The Peak in Hong Kong. We went there on a spring. The view is picture perfect and breath taking. Being the highest point on Hong Kong Island, you can see almost everything from there- the sparkling skyscrapers and the Victoria Harbour down to the greens and hills of Hong Kong. It's best to go there at night on a spring. The means of transportation in going up (which is the oldest existing train in HK) is cool too! :)

2. Blogger that inspires you the most? Camille Co. She’s intelligent, beautiful inside and out and doesn’t only depend on the blog that she has as her source of income. She’s also a fashion designer plus a clothing line owner. Her blog has the best photos and best travel diaries too! 
3. What do you do for fun? I blog. I dress up (I do this when I'm bored. I plan my outfits ahead of time). I travel (Go on road trips and food trips with friends). I play the piano. I sing (I'll be really happy if you invite me to a KTV session!!!) :)

4. Who is your childhood crush? I can't remember his name but if I'm not mistaken it's Ivan? He’s my crush when I was in Kinder 1 or 2? I liked him because he’s quiet just like me and I like staring at him! I hope this doesn't make me creepy. HAHA! I don’t remember a moment that we talked. I don’t know his surname too. I already forgot how he looks like. HAHAHA!
5. Would you marry a stranger for $1,000,000? NO! Of course not! I’ll only marry the person I love. Money can’t buy marriage!!!

6. Would you shave your hair off for a blog post? No. :) I wouldn’t risk cutting my hair for a single blog post. If it is for a cause like donating portion of my hair to cancer patients, I will! :)
7. What age would you like to start a family? Maybe 28? Early 30s. I want to enjoy my life first, go to places that I want and save before I settle and have my own family. I’m not saying that I’ll do everything as a single woman. Gusto ko sana may kasama na akong boyfriend if it's God's will! HAHAHA

8. If you’ll have superpower what will it be? The power to bring me to whatever place I can imagine. That would be very cool!!!
9. Is there anything you haven’t told anyone about? Deepest darkest secret? None. My mom knows everything about me. She's like my other half! :)

10. Is there someone you met accidentally that now plays a big part in your life? Hmmm, actually most of the people that I have in my life right now were met unexpectedly so yess? :)
11. What is that one place in the world you wish to live in? Maybe it’s London. I don’t know why I’ve been so addicted to its culture and all. London has been my dream since high school and hopefully my plans would push through after graduation. :) 

12. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life? Most?? I don’t know. I feel like my entire high school life is embarrassing! Huhu :(
13. What do you think is your best feature? My big fat legs! JOKE HAHAHA! Maybe it's my height? People always notice it. My dimples? They find it cute whenever I smile. Correct me if I’m wrong plss. Haha!

14. Would you rather follow your heart or your head? I’d always go for what my mind tells me. Sometimes following your heart is not enough. You have to consider a lot of things too. You have to think of all the possible scenarios that can happen when you follow your heart and not your mind. You have to act mature and be mature so I'll always go with what my mind tells me to do. :)
Outfit. My outfit for our second day is my favorite among the outfits that I wore during our trip. This outfit had been to many places and experienced a lot of different activities yet still looked preppy and polished at the end of the day. (Talk about hiking and riding the ATV in my Banggood skirt!! Hahaha!) I thought we're only going for a little sight seeing during the whole day that's why I decided to wear my cute pastel crop top and floral wrap around skirt from Banggood. The outfit is comfortable and stylish at the same time. The skirt is  not the usual skirt that you think. It's wrap around, meaning, it's a plain piece of cloth that you have to wrap and tie around your waist to make it look like a skirt. It has a slit too that makes it a little sexier. It's a bonus point because it goes well with the shoot location (Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol). I remember when someone told me that this outfit goes well with the beach. He's definitely right! May drama effect pa nung nag pink na yung sky. It was really beautiful and romantic!!! :)   


Hello guys! It's time for a new wish list this month of July! Summer is about to end already here in my country and there's no better way to spend the remaining days at the beach! Sexy wrap dresses and feather dresses are what's in this summer season and I'm bringing you my current picks for cheap prices! 
Left // Right 
Here are two of it! :) They also have a lot of SALE items on their site! You can check it out by clicking this link: http://www.rosegal. com/s-zone/?lkid=144794 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
Lastly,  you probably know how much I love collecting iconic bags from blogging! It's actually one thing that I always end up ordering from Rosegal's online store. They have a lot of cute mini bags and if only I will be given the chance to get all of bags that I want, I would be getting these 6 bags from my wish list! Can you guess which among those did I ordered first? :)