September is almost over!!! I can literally count the remaining days before our semestrial break! Look who's happy and excited here! Haha! :) Another thing is that tomorrow is already my birthday and I'm just so happy and blessed that I'm turning 20. Anyway, here's a little wish list of dresses from Runbuye. It's a website I recently discovered which specializes on Japanese and Korean designs. Aside from their wide variety of short dresses, they also have long dresses for women that I absolutely love. Check some of these dresses from my wish list or you can check out for more fashionable finds. :)
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Hi guys! 5 more days before I turn 20!! I actually don't have any fancy plans for my birthday except for a dinner with family and friends. Anyway, I'm back with a new post featuring this set of make ups from BornPretty. This time I'm more than satisfied with the products that I chose. I got 2 different shades of lipsticks and an eyebrow palette. My views and opinions here are 100% honest and unbiased.
Nude matte lipstick. This color was a love at first sight. I've been searching for a nice nude lipstick for a long time just so I have something to put on whenever I go to school. I want to take things in a minimal level and achieve the "no make up" make up look. I'm really thankful to my friends who introduced me the world of make ups! This color is definitely a must have. However, it only lasts for 3-4 hours maybe because of its color. Overall, I still recommend you to try it. :)
Rose matte lipstick. Of all the 4 shades of lipsticks that I got from BP, this is by far my favorite shade. I don't usually use it because I'm saving it for certain events only. The color gives you the instant barbie glow. It's really nice and of good quality. It can last for 4-5 hours. I highly recommend this :)
Dual color natural eyebrow powder palette. To everyone who's asking how I keep my eyebrows on fleek, here it is! :) I was using an eyebrow pencil before but had decided to try something new. I ordered an eyebrow powder palette from BP and I simply like it. It's easier to use and much better than the pencil eyebrow I use before. It stays longer & looks natural when applied.

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As you may have noticed I've been pretty busy with school the past few weeks. I'm literally fed up with everything related to acads but of course these wouldn't stop me from spending the least free time that I have in updating myself with what's new in the fashion world. Just recently I was searching for new dresses online and came across the site, Fashionmia. I believe every woman deserves to look her best even in her day to day look. Fashionmia has a wide range of cheap clothings but of good qualities and versatile styles and designs. They aim to provide modern, irresistible and affordable clothes to keep everyone's on style all year round. They offers tops, bottom, accessories, outer wears and even plus size clothes. Not only that they offer a lot of dresses for women too which I'm sure everyone really likes! Do you agree with me, ladies? Their maxi dresses are my favorites and I've picked my top choices just to give you some suggestions and ideas of what to expect. 

Hollow Out Printed Sexy Band Collar Maxi-Dress
Hollow Out Bowknot Alluring Halter Maxi-Dress
Lace Up Deep V Neck High Slit Plain Maxi-Dress
Deep V-Neck Plain Split Maxi-Dress
Lace Patchwork High Slit See through Side Slit Alluring Off Shoulder Maxi-Dress
Hollow Out Patchwork Plain Captivating Halter Maxi-Dress
Don't forget to check Fashionmia's site. You'll surely love their dresses for women as well as the other cheap clothings that they offer. Hope these suggestions help :)

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It's my birth month guys! I'm turning 20 in a few days!!! I can't believe I'm leaving the teenage-year already. *sigh* Let's not talk about those adult responsibilities! Kidding! I know, I may get a year older this year but my heart will forever stay as young as 16. #ForeverYoungAtHeart Haha! I don't know how I'll prepare and get use to being an adult but even before I turn 20, I can say that I've already encountered some experiences that made me mature enough to face a new world of bigger responsibilities. Everything's no joke because life isn't. There were a lot of tough moments and life changing ones but I'm thankful to all the lessons that I've learned from it. My only birthday wish this year is to stay happy and fulfilled with whatever life gives me. :) 
Thank you Shein for sending me this cute boho dress. You can have yours too for only $34.99. Check it out! :)
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SEPTEMBER has finally come!!! We're about to end the year in just a few months but let's not forget that we still have some remaining time to end it with a blast! I have a great news for you. StyleWe had just released their THANKSGIVING DAY collection recently showcasing a lot of extraordinary, bright, and unique pieces that will surely catch everyone's attention. Statement pieces are what StyleWe is known for and no doubt that their shop speaks so much of it. Take a glimpse of what they have in store through the pictures below plus you can also check out their Youtube and Blog for updates! 

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