Shaira Manalo

Shaira Manalo? Who is She? I am a Filipina, aged 20 years old, currently taking up the course Doctor of Dental Medicine at Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas. When I was a kid I did not dreamt of becoming a dentist rather a nephrologist someday. But as I grew older I realized what I really want to become in the future. I found myself dreaming of being a self employed dentist in my own dental clinic slash a part time fashion blogger slash a travel agency owner. I'm currently working on my dreams as a 3rd year dental proper student // part time blogger during school days and full time blogger during summer. I'm one of the most random person, one of the loudest and one of the craziest but above all of those I'm one of the most determined woman you'll ever meet. Sometimes I call myself crazy for having big big dreams. I want to become a licensed dentist by 23 years old (been praying for this every single day), take up and specialize in orthodontics and oral and maxillo facial surgery (ultimate dream!!), practice and take board exam in UK (want to give this a try), give my mom everything that she wants (she deserves every bit of it!), travel and explore different countries and indulge in different cultures (Yes, please!!), invest in a couple of apartment and house rentals (this is me being business minded. Haha but soon, I will!!), sit in front of Louis Vuitton fashion show in London Fashion Week (blog goals!!), donate foods to the less fortunate in Africa (Yup, hopefully soon!!), represent Philippine Dental Association in other countries (It would be a great honor!!), save a lot for my future family (I definitely will!!), and whole lot more!!!-- in short, live the life I've always wanted to have. Crazy right?!! That's only possible if I would be a millionaire. But the thing is that I don't care if I have to start from the bottom, I don't care if I fail and I don't care if people will laugh at my dreams and try to bring me down. As long as I have these goals, and I'm seeing a progress I'll never stop reaching for it. It motivates me to study harder, aim higher and strive for the best. 
As a Blogger. This blog started out of passion. This is a personal online diary during its first year until I finally decided to open it in public after I had my first ever collaboration. Mind you, it's a collaboration between this blog and pillow & bed sheets products promotion! Hahaha! I don't know how they discovered my blog but I'm happy they did. They opened my blog to greater opportunities that I never thought I would enjoy now. The current major sponsors of this blog are Shein, Zaful and Rosegal and I'm really happy for the trust that they continue to give me. My blog focuses mostly on fashion, travels and a little of personal stuffs. I'm more particular with my blog's content and stories rather than the pictures that I show you. Aside from receiving different stuffs monthly and advertising different brands, I still have of dreams for my blog. I want to write a book!!! Maybe it'll only be possible when I have already experienced and achieved so many things in life. I promise to push this through soon!!! <3 
Would you rather be single and have all the things that you want, do anything you want or be with someone and settle being a good housewife? I want to be with someone and settle as a good housewife. I think having a family of my own and experiencing all the ups and downs of it together is one of life's greatest achievement. :) I don't know what would the purpose of my life be if I would just forever stay single and just count all the money I could have.

If you were given a million bucks, would you spend half of it with your partner or enjoy all of it by yourself? Because people usually say sharing is caring, but given that only chance, would you be selfish or generous? Honestly speaking, hindi ako madamot when I have something to offer. And to think na million bucks yun, of course I would whole heartedly share it with my partner. :)
You are looking for your dream guy when suddenly some random guy asked you out (like out of the blue he popped out of nowhere) and he's your ideal type of guy. But then the guy who's been courting you for so long (whom you do not like) asked you out at the same time. Who would you go with and why? Would you risk that random guy or stick with the guy you know for a long time? Why is this question on point?? Hahaha! Uhm, I'd go for my ideal guy. We'll try to get to know each other first and just see what happens. In the first place I do not like the guy who's been courting me so why would I still give him hopes that there's a chance, right?

Which do you prefer, maiwan or mang-iwan? WHAAAT? Hahaha! Ayoko maiwan :( pero ayoko din mang-iwan :( This question is tricky but to answer it, mas pipiliin kong mang-iwan if I have justifiable reasons kesa sa iwanan with a lot of buts and whys. 
My blog is open for collaborations, product reviews, advertisements and sponsorship. If you're interested please contact me by my email :)

Thank you Zaful for my lace top. You can get yours too by visiting their site. :)

PS. If you still have questions you may comment below and I'm very much willing to answer as long as I can. :)


  1. Hi dear,
    We would love to cooperate with you, please contact us by email. :)

    Best wishes.

  2. Nice post! <3 <3
    Please view my blog! <3 <3

  3. I'm glad to stumble upon your blog. Your pictures are colourful and you look pretty.

  4. Filipina buddies! I like your blog by the way :D

    Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ | Florrall


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