Benevolence Retreat

Hi guys! I'm back! :) The Centennial celebration left us so many hanging lessons that's why I was really busy the whole week. A week of completion, a week of exams, reports, presentations and a lot more... Imagine how we still managed to finish all those things in just two weeks. Proud Bridgetine here! :))) Next week's our final exam for the 4th Grading. Oh gosh! It's the last already! After that we will be spending the remaining days before our graduation for Parent's Night and graduation practices. I can't wait for March and graduate in High School! :")

But before that let me share to you what happened to our Retreat last February 16-17, 2013. So far, I consider these days as the most memorable days in my High School life. I was able to be with my friends for 2 consecutive whole days wherein I was able to get to know more of them.

What I really love in our retreat:

- The endless foods that the retreat center had prepared for us.
- The beautiful surroundings and views which made us feel that we were not in the Philippines. We were able to experience Autumn for 2 days. :)) haha.
- Fr. Stephen who acted as our facilitator. He's really multi-talented.
- ROOM HOPPING! :D and many more...
(c) Darlene

This experience was one of a kind. I'm really happy because I'm part of IV- BENEVOLENCE 2012-2013!


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