Summer turned to Spring Break: Half Day of Hong Kong Day 1


Hi guys! I’m back! =) After 11 days of not updating my blog finally I have all the time now. I went on a tour with my relatives last Monday in Hong Kong. I really had a hard time updating myself to the latest news/chikas because of the not-so-convenient Wi-Fi in HK. Though you can access Wi-Fi in any places in HK still I wasn’t able to do so because I cannot understand the Chinese symbols whenever I want to connect to the available Wi-Fi. But anyway, I want to share with you guys the most unforgettable and enjoyable trip I had experienced. But before I tell you some details I want to share with you my morning outfit for that day.

I wore two completely different outfits for that day. During the morning I wore a neutral tank top, neutral long skirt and an Aztec print vest which made a statement to my over all look.
Tank Top: Forever21
Vest: Splash c/o Dubai
Skirt: US brand
Flats: Parisian Plus

Last Monday I went to Hong Kong with my relatives for our early vacation. I was really excited that at that time it was already for real! It's not a drawing/plan anymore. =))) We checked-in at NAIA Terminal 3 at around 3 in the morning. It was really early. 
We boarded in Cebu Pacific Airlines. I was able to take some shots while we were in the middle of nowhere. =))) I also want to mention the pretty flight attendants, the pilot and its assistant who served us during our flight. We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport 15 minutes before our expected arrival time.
We were fetched at the airport by our first tour guide. She presented to us some optional trips in Hong Kong that we can avail for that day because it's our free time. After that our tour guide immediately brought us to Rambler Garden Hotel where we stayed for 2 nights. I really love the views in Hong Kong.
We had our lunch at Cafe de Coral located at the first floor of the hotel. It offers different kinds of Chinese foods.  

Seriously these pictures were only a little part of our first day in Hong Kong. We really grabbed the chance to take so many pictures during that day. I bet you'll be more excited in my next blog post because you'll see what first tourist destination we went to. =) I'm really excited to share it with you!


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