Dentistry Night 2014

Dentistry Night was probably one of the main highlight of my Pre-Dent I life. My friends and I were so excited before this night because it was our first and we want it to be extra special. 

From the moment I arrived at the area all my close friends were waiting for me outside the building. I was happy to see that we were all complete. The aura during that night made me said that it was truly one special night and it would for sure leave something memorable in all of us. :) 
The theme of our Dent night was "Vintage" and here's what we came up wearing! :) 
The girls of Pre-Dent IA plus Papx's mom who attended Dent Night. I hope the population of the attendees will grow bigger by next year. Hahaha.
with my supportive team. Hahahaha. 
Mandatory shot with the dean of our department. :)
Congratulations to my classmates, AJ and Papx, for being Mr. and Ms. Photogenic.
Our eyes were all glued to this woman when we saw her at the entrance. We didn't recognized her at first but when she came near us we were surprised to see our classmate! She absolutely rocked the whole night with her very eye-catching outfit (ball gown and headdress) which made her win the title "Star of the Night".  
Together till DDM 4! :)
with my guy classmates.  
Cheers to our first memorable and successful Dentistry night!
with Ate Pau from DDM I-B :)
Mr. Dentistry 2014 Kuya JM Delgado :D
The winners.
Our only complete picture together. Dent Night wouldn't be a blast and a night full of fun without them. Cheers to more years with them! :)

*Pictures without my blog's watermark were grabbed from JC Photography. :)


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