StyleWe x Jungle Me

Hey guys! It's Fridayyy! How are you all doing? Any plans for the weekend? I already have mine and I hope it'll be pushed through with my family. Anyway, I'm back with a new post featuring one of my favorite online store, StyleWe. One of the many reasons why I keep on mentioning StyleWe in my posts is that there's always something new to look forward to- new unique pieces from new fashion designers! 
I recently discovered a new rising fashion designer named Mimi who founded the brand Jungle Me. "The style of Jungle Me is filled with wonderful sense of childhood and designs with lovely patterns of flowers printed and vintage dot printed on the classic black mini dress which makes the overall style look rich and colorful." These classic printed pieces are what makes her designs loved by many. You can visit and follow their Pinterest for more styles and choices.

Finally, click the site below if you are looking for special occasion dresses. Mermaid Prom Dresses

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  1. These pieces are all gorgeous!! Style Me seems to have some amazing things on. I really shouldn't be getting more clothes now, but this really makes me want to :P

    Julia x
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  2. These are amazing!! Love them all x

  3. Love these clothes!! :)

  4. ganda nmn girl so vintage <3

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  5. Love the pink dress! I need it!