Golden Hour

There's something so beautiful about Golden hour that I can't explain. It's probably the best time of the day because it gives me the feeling of hope and new chance. The whole month of March passed by quickly. There were so many stresses and worries that fed me up during the whole month (especially when I was hospitalized for a week due to dengue and I have to leave behind all the school works) Thanks to my friends and family who helped me in my fast recovery. :)

With the new month coming I'm leaving all the stresses, hard feelings and whys behind and would start a brand new month of plans and goals. I'm so excited to welcome SUMMER 2017 with high hopes and expectations that it'll be a one of a kind summer to remember! I'm sure it's going to be a summer of FIRSTS! 
Outifit. Before anything else I just want to ask, did you noticed that I'm gaining weight during the past few weeks? My cheeks are getting bigger and so are my legs! I cannot blame myself though because "ang sarap kumain!!!". If you can't contour your face using  makeups (Btw, I'm barefaced here), well, you need to have a plan B and learn the fashion hacks! If you think you're fat and you're not comfortable with it, one fashion hack that you need to know is wearing loose tops! Loose tops hides flabs and fats and at the same time helps you breathe easily. Just last Sunday, I attended a birthday party at a resort and thought of wearing my new top from Shein. It's actually the perfect top to wear because first, it's at the beach! (talk about spaghetti straps and the like) second, it's a party meaning to say more foods!!! and third it's just what I exactly wanted to wear for the whole day- comfortable and stylish. I paired it with a leopard print chiffon shorts which gave that summer vibes completed with my accessories- feather necklace and sunnies.
Outfit details: Top from Shein, Shorts (Hi Mimi!), Sunnies from Zaful
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  1. These photos are gorgeous! Golden hour is such a special time of day indeed. I love sunsets, there is such unique, undescribable feeling in the air when you enjoy a beautiful sunset. :) I'm glad you recovered quickly from your illness!

    Julia x
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  2. What an amazing place!! Love the top!


  3. Stunning pictures, lovely outfit!

  4. Gorgeous photos ! Your outfit is fabulous, I really love your top. Kisses :)