10 Things I've Learned at 20

The subject of my posts the past few weeks were mostly sponsored stuffs and it made me miss doing random posts like this on my little space online. These are just some random thoughts that I used to reflect and think of. I hope you get to appreciate the content and hope you'll learn a thing or two. :) By the way, thank you Shein for my beautiful off shoulder embroidered blouse
1. You don't need to have everything figured out. Life is full of surprises and you'll soon realize how many plans you've turned down in exchange for bigger and more fun opportunities and experiences.    
2. Driving could be fun too. I used to think that driving is a scary thing to learn until I realized how thrilling and exciting my life could be behind the wheels. It took a lot of motivation and courage before I decided to finally try driving and I guess, it isn't a bad thing at all. It's actually one thing I'm proud of because I'm not that lazy girl in the passenger's seat anymore. Haha!
3. Smile as often as possible. It makes you look less scary, snob, and maldita (Haha!) plus it attracts positive vibes. 
4. Take good care of your health while you're still young. Exercise everyday. You don't necessarily need to go to the gym (only if you want to achieve a really nice body) because you can start on your own by jogging in parks or doing zumba at home. Next thing is that drink A LOT of water especially that it's getting hotter everyday. Aside from that water can do a lot of wonders too. Avoid eating in fast food chains. You don't need to immediately try a newly opened cafe or taste the best selling menu in a restaurant. Take it one by one. Don't indulge yourself in too much carbs and sweets (I hope I can say no to caramel cake and ice cream. Haha!) Lastly, don't stay up too late at night. You'll regret it the next morning, i tell you. :)
5. Work on your passions. If you still don't know what your passions are, try to discover it. There's nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than being able to do the things that you love. 
6. Save, save, save. It doesn't mean that you have to skip meals in school just to save money. (Haha, OA!) What I mean is that don't spend all the money that you have in buying unnecessary things or the ones that you just find cute in malls. Don't spend too much in eating. Foods in cafes could be expensive. It's okay to treat yourself once or twice a week but not everyday. Try to take down all the money that you've spent in a week and you'll realize how much you could have possibly saved if you didn't spent too much on things that won't even matter in the next weeks. 
7. You'll meet a lot of people and there's nothing to be afraid of. He/She may be someone you've known from the past that you started talking to or someone you really don't have any mutual friends with who wants to be friend with you. Allow them to enter your life and just see what happens. I'm sure they're going to be someone who'll make unexpected marks in your life. 
8. Make time for your friends. You don't have to reject a friend's invitation just because you're busy during that day. Find no excuses. You never know when your next reunion will be. Cherish every moment with them and let them feel that they're worth your golden time. 
9. Work hard, stay humble and dream big. Work hard on your goals and find no reason to quit what you have started. Stay humble, approachable and open-minded. Show the world what you're truly made of!
10. Be yourself and love yourself. Not everyone will like you for who you are. Not everyone will appreciate what you can do. It's your life and yours alone. Do the things that make you happy as well as the things that scare you. Invest in things and people that will help you grow and be better. Always remember: You are not created for everyone to like you. Just be yourself and the right ones will like you. 
Thanks again Shein for my beautiful top! You can get yours too by clicking this. :) 
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  1. Great realizations and amazing photographs.

  2. This was such a beautiful post to read! I agree wit absolutely all of these. At the moment saving and taking care of my body are particularly on my mind, because it's important to do things that you'll feel grateful for and proud of in the future. It's all about thinking ahead, in a positive way. :)

    Julia x
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  3. Beautiful outfit and pictures!!


  4. i feel like i've been focusing on my health a lot more now too. i remember being able to eat a whole bag of chips and still feel like a normal person but now, i start feeling super crappy. trying to add some workout into my life as well but that is proving to be difficult but i'm determined to start!


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  6. Adorable style. Your blouse is wonderful and you are very pretty. Kisses :)