And suddenly, all the love songs were about you

"Falling in love is one of the best things that happen when you are young. It's like magic- you just don't know how it actually takes place, and you care nothing but the smile it brings to you."
They say love comes when you least expect it. I don't believe it before because I have a strong belief that at this age (21) I am still too young to experience falling in love. Little did I know that I was already being tested when I was set up unexpectedly to a guy I barely know. I found myself caught up in the moment and never imagined that I will be having my first boyfriend this year!
So there's this guy I met 6 months ago. Btw, his name is Paulo. He was my friend in facebook for 1 year already. I don't usually accept friend requests in facebook especially the ones I barely know. I actually don't know Paulo but because he has a lot of mutual close family friends plus he also came from the same school I graduated in high school I decided to accept his request. We haven't had any conversation before like there's really no history of a wave nor a "Hi". I also found out that he's my follower in instagram. I was a little curious who this guy was so I decided to stalk him. I found out that he came from a well known family in my parents' hometown and his family is a friend of ours. I also noticed that this guy was always the first one who views my ig stories and hearts my pictures every time I post online. It's kinda creepy for my part. (Haha! Hi love!)  
I already saw Paulo's pictures but I never saw him in person. Although we were schoolmates during high school I cannot remember a time that I saw him around the campus. (or I did already but I'm not observant that I thought I didn't? Haha) He replied once to my ig story when I was hospitalized last Feb this year but after that I got no message again from him. For once, I thought that he was just like the other playful guys who just want to chat and collect girls' numbers (Sorry love, ang judger ko! Haha)
May 17, 2018. It was the day Paulo was introduced to me. I met her titas (our family friends) who were having their vacation here. They were the ones who introduced him to me. It was very random. They started teasing me saying "Uyy, may nagpapakumusta sayo! Si Kuya totoy! Si Paulo!". I have no idea who Paulo was until I realized it was Paulo, the ig stalker! Haha! His titas started telling stories about him saying that he's already a graduating student, that he traveled to London last summer for his thesis papers and that he was reviewing for his board exam. I wasn't even asking about him but as they were building up their nephew I realized how special this man could have been and will be in the future. I got curious and asked what was his batch when he graduated in SBC and they started telling me names of his friends who were familiar to me. I started stalking him in facebook. I saw his present and old pictures. He had changed a lot- from being skinny to chubby!! I can't take him off my mind the whole day until I decided to chat him first in ig the same night he was introduced to me. I told him what his titas said about him and how he was built up. He asked me if they told me that "he has a crush on me". Sobrang high school ng dating but why do I found it cute? Haha! Actually, I found him kinda boring when we first chatted. It seems like he doesn't know what to say but it lasted for like 3 hours. 
The following days after our first conversation I receive no message from him. 3 consecutive days after we last talked? Maybe he's not interested. Me neither. It was on the fourth day when I received a wave on facebook chat box. One late night conversation followed by another and another and so on. It all began there. Yes, he's still boring but everything that he say has sense. I found him street smart with the way he talk and introduce himself. Our first meeting happened unexpectedly on a bus terminal in Manila. It was very random. We were both going home from Manila to Batangas. We were not on the same terminal during the time when he chatted me where I was. I told him I was in this particular bus. Little did I know that he transferred from the terminal where he was and went to the terminal where I was and rode the same bus. He even seated at my back. Ang lakas din ng love ko. Wala talagang hiya-hiya. Haha! After that day, our first date followed. He fetched me home. I instructed him the route in going to my place. We had a movie date (Wonder woman) and ate after. Food trip agad. Ang lakas nga pala talaga nya kumain. Nakakain na, may take-out pa. Love ko, diet na ha! 
From the very start, I already felt that he's really in to me. He knows a lot of things about me and that impressed me a lot. He knows about my family, my life in school, my daily updates, my blog!!! Almost every story that I tell, it seems like he already know it! Haha! Sumobra ata stalking skills nya. Parang may nakakabit na cctv sakin sa dami ng alam nya. Haha! He told me he was stalking me for several months already. After our first date, I realized that he was just a friend. I mean, he's a nice guy and I think we will be good friends. Nothing more. I found him boring. He doesn't tell stories about himself and he's too quiet.   
After our first date, I wasn't expecting another one until he chatted me again. I don't know why every time he'll ask me on a date I just can't say no. I started to get to know him better after every date that we had. I find him boring but every words that comes out of his mouth actually makes sense. He's street smart and what makes him attractive is how he sees things in a positive way. He's competitive and I love the way he visions himself in the future. I like how he makes his plans and makes his way to achieve it one by one. He loves his family so much especially his inay. He's also a gentleman and I'm lucky enough to be treated as Paulo's princess since the day we started going out until now that he is already my boyfriend.
I know I'm one of the hardest girl to handle and I salute him for being able to handle a sometimes monster clothed in an angel disguised woman. I am moody, Changes din ako, and sometimes pessimist. I don't know how he was able to handle all my dramas in life but one thing's for sure, he really loves me and he appreciates everything about me. 
Of all the man who tried to pursue me, he's the only man who didn't gave up despite of all my craziness and dramas in life. I can see how "All-In" he is when it comes to me. I fell in love with his little and big efforts to make me smile. I know he deserves my heart and I'm happy to entrust it to him. He's the first man I truly fell in love with and I hope that 6 years or 9 years from now I'll tell myself that he's the one. I love you, love! :)
Photos taken by my love last July 31, 2017 during our date at Cafe G, Taal, Batangas


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  2. Seems to be such an amazing place!
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  4. Such a great and lovely story !
    So cute !

  5. Such a cute and sweet story! This café looks really romantic and nice too, it's a perfect location for your story.

  6. Beautiful pics and post!!

  7. You look so pretty! Love how you styled your dress! Lovely photos!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Len

  8. What a lovely story! I love hearing about how couples get together. x

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  9. What a lovely story!
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