February has been a month of fullness and sweetness. Almost all the people I met told me that I look blooming. Am I?? I'm getting fat and gaining weight and I'm quite worried about it because I'm starting to become my favorite fluffy marshmallows already. But sometimes instead of worrying my body fats HAHA I just choose to live the moment and enjoy the food in front of me. I have the best food trip buddies anyway and I'm happy that eating is thrice more fun with them. The month of February has been nothing but full of love- love from family, friends and boyfriend. They have been so good and I just want to give them back in return. Instead of expecting love- GIVE IT. Spend some time with your mom- treat her on a date, give your boyfriend a little token for being patient with all your mood swings, give your cousin that cute watch she's eyeing from your closet or spoil your younger brothers because your mom's not here and you can't do anything about it (HAHA, joke!) It seems like February felt a little extra Christmas for me. Haha! To everyone who's reading this, let's be a source of love this February!!! Sending you all a FAT I LOVE YOU and greeting you all a Happy Valentine's day! :)
Outfit. I don't actually know how I came up with stripes, denim and florals combination in an outfit but I think I pulled it off. Did I?? Haha! Anyway, I got a new denim skirt!! :) I'm not a fan of denim skirts pero ang lakas kase maka sexy e. It's a pencil cut skirt with a lot of button details and side slit. I got it from Shein for only $18 or around Php 900. I thought of pairing it with this off shoulder top that I have  for almost 2 years in my closet and was used only once way back November 2016 on Mimi's birthday. It's time for a closet clean-up!! I also got a new floral sandals that I've been overusing already. I got it from Gamiss for only $12.87 or Php 640. Isn't it cute? :) Thank you Shein and Gamiss for my cute clothes! I can't wait to wear the other items that I ordered from your site!:)

See you in my next posts! :)


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  1. You look gorgeous Shaira! You really are glowing, it's great to see :) And you're right about Valentine's, treating your loved ones is always a good idea - the more love you give, the more you'll receive!

    Julia x
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  2. Beautiful outfit and pics!!

  3. such a romantic look<3 that blouse is so pretty.
    great post! Love these photos<3

  4. I have the same shirt!
    I hope you had an amazing valentine's day!


  5. You look fabulous in this post! You don't look fat to me. It sounds like you had a great February with your family.

  6. Such a nice outfit. I love your skirt.The background is so beautiful.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's.

  8. "Don't expect love-GIVE IT" I think that I might write it down somewhere