Macau: Day 2

I don’t have that much expectations in Macau because of the blogs I’ve read about it. Most say that a day tour from Hongkong will already do because of the country’s small land  area while others say that there’s not much to see in Macau. All of those ideas have changed when we started exploring Macau. There’s actually so much to see, so much to try and so much to do. For me, I’d recommend staying in Macau for a total of 4 days to fully appreciate and live what it feels like to be in the Vegas of Asia.
Let me share to you our itinerary for our second day. We usually eat our hotel breakfast at around 8:30 am. After every breakfast we go back to our room to do personal things and change our clothes. We start our tour at 10 am. It’s not late though and I think it’s the perfect time to explore the city. By the way, we went there on the second week of January. The weather was so fine and perfect for roaming around. It’s like a spring cold and long sleeves and jackets are the main outfit of choice. Our first stop for that day was at Lotus Square. It’s the iconic “plaza” of Macau where the big lotus (their national flower) is the main attraction. 
Across it is the famous Sands Hotel. Just an added information, hotels in Macau are considered tourist spots! They have the best luxurious hotels in the world. 
Next to it is the famous “Macau’s Fisherman’s Wharf”. It’s the most instagrammable place in the country and we spent most of our time here. Macau was a Portuguese colony thousands of years ago and there were no questions and doubt why the place’s architecture and design are inspired by different famous European countries. 
There’s the Colosseum of Rome, colorful houses of Lisbon and Amsterdam, streets of London and the like. There’s actually so much to see- opened restaurants, boutiques, stalls, picture taking spots, a wharf etc. I’m pretty sure this was one of the highlight of my second day. 
After we explored the Wharf we went to Venetian. It’s a must place to visit when you’re in Macau because of its iconic structures inspired by the romantic streets and canals of Venice. Hindi pa rin maka get over ang mama ko na painting yung clouds kase mukha talagang totoo! It’s similar to that one in Vegas (its sister property) and one of the reasons why Macau is noted to be the Little Vegas of Asia. We had our lunch in Venetian Hotel and I must say that it’s pricey but the large servings were worth it. 
Connecting to Venetian is the highlight of my Macau trip, Parisian. I have a separate post for it because of the amount of pictures that I took there. Let’s skip it first here so you’ll have something to look forward to on my next post. 
After Parisian we walked in to another spot which is City of Dreams. There was a live display of the most iconic automobiles during that time- those that were used in international movies, the most expensive ones, the top of the lines, and the ones owned by hollywood artists. Paulo enjoyed it as much as we all did because he loves cars and motorcycles. 
Connecting to City of Dreams is the famous Morpheus building of one of the best architect, Zaha Hadid. The whole place looks so futuristic- from the ceiling, the elevators, everything. Para akong nasa loob ng spaceship. It’s just so modern and grand! 
Our last stop for that day was Wynn Palace. Out of all the hotels that we went to, it’s the most traditional and luxurious for me. Almost everything I saw is made of gold. They even offer free skycab ride to explore the hotel. They also have the biggest fountain show in Macau. You better not miss this beautiful iconic place when you visit the country. :) 

We were back at the hotel at around 8 in the evening. It was a tiring yet fun-filled day!
Thanks for reading! See you in my next post :)


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  1. Wow, the spots you explored look unreal! It really does look like Las Vegas. I wonder if I'd enjoy all those replicas of famous cities - at any rate, it would be fun to take photos there!

    Julia x
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