Sisters bonding

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were days of fun, adventures, independence and learnings.

May 14

During the afternoon I met my doctor for my monthly check-up.  After that Mimi and I went straight to SM Manila to wait for my other cousin, Ica, there. What we did to kill the time? The two of us went from store to store and fitted some clothes and shoes. My top favorite stores are Charles and Keith, JellyBean and HipCulture. In fact I bought something from one of these stores and I'm really excited to use it! :)

While roaming around I saw this chocolate cafe named Choco Mocco and suddenly craved for chocolates and ice creams! Omygod! We just need to eat here. Before leaving the mall Mimi and I had our merienda at Choco Mocco. It can only be seen in SM Manila. Satisfied with the service and servings. :)

Right after we met Ate Rica we headed to the condo to leave our backpacks full of sleep over essentials. During the evening we went to SM Mall of Asia. So that was our first time to go there together without any old companion. One proof that we're already independent enough. 

MOA undeniably got every store a lady loves. The most awesome thing that I saw in the mall were the different Audrey Hepburn sunnies from People are People, Aldo, Forever21 and Tomato. Omygosh! Those sunnies were irresistable but I just have to accept the fact that those are not for me. I tried some but aren't perfect for my face shape. But still, I guess if I'll buy one I'd buy the sunnies in People are People.

While looking for a place where we can dine we spotted this place because of it's eye catching exterior design. We got curious and went in. It was a fine dining restaurant! Holy Cow was the place. I love the interior too and the uniforms of the Cowboysss! Hahaha. We had our dinner there and all I could say is that I'll definitely go back to that place! ;)

With my sisters Ate Rica and Ate Aimee :)
New York Cheese cake, Fillet Mignon steak, and Tender of the bone bab back ribs 

May 15

I felt so lazy and uncomfortable the whole day. I had a head ache and my eyes were irritated. Mimi and I planned to go the mall but everything was cancelled since I was sick. What I did the whole day was that I watched "How do I look"! :) I love it how a person's life can change and become colorful through the help of fashion.

First picture: Floating and dreaming ang peg! :))) Morning view. 
Second picture: City lights! Evening view.
Third picture: Mimi and I's breakfast. I never thought I would cook a meal on my own! It was my first time. It feels great to eat the foods that I did cook for myself. 
Fourth picture: Pan fried Cream Dory. Dinner at Cafe Alfonso

May 16

I felt fine that day. Time to go back home 'cause the day after is the fiesta at my mom's place. Mimi and I commuted alone. Hihihi. We felt experts already. Lol.
Golden Sun Milk teas for Mimi, Ica and Shaira :)
Your future Civil Engineer. Lol. Joke. Of course not! Thanks to my Ninang for giving me this t-shirt :) I love it! My ootd for the last day :) Haha.
My buddy! Result of boredom and vanity. 

I love being with my cousins whom I can call my true sisters. They're different from the others. I love doing the things I really like with them. They're simply incomparable and irresistible. Looking forward to our next bonding after Mimi's graduation but this time with my 2 big sisters already. (literally big and tall :))) BU5 here we come, hopefully! :)


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