Pink Floral Dress

What outfit could be best worn on a Summer themed debut? Floral outfit. I wore this outfit last Sunday during my cousin's debut. I love it how this dress made a statement not only because of its unique prints but also because of the color combinations. The dress, though above the knee, appeared to be somewhat conservative because of its neckline.
Finding a piece like this from a Super Sale made me feel so lucky. It screamed "BUY ME" when I first saw it! This was one of my best buy aside from these pair of pale lavender flats and a pair of pants which I'm saving for a special event. I didn't have second thoughts in buying it. 
"You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream" Feeling like a barbie :)
Dress from Betty, Flats from Parisian Plus, Pearl Necklace from Forever21, Bow clip from Shenzhen, and Swarovski bag from lola.
Thanks to my hair stylist, Mimi, for the waterfall braid. 

Next to this post is my cousin's 18th Birthday! I'm really excited to share with you everything that happened. :)


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