January Diaries 2014

Since January started many unexpected things already happened. Some of it were good and of course the bad things will never be out of sight. But all in all I did enjoyed this one of the books crazyyyy month because I learned, discovered and experienced a lot of things! :)   
First picture together as a group. This was taken during AJ's birthday last January 9. :)
This is how we kill the time :P
How about having a picture with my new friends outside the house? Hahaha. Here's the story behind this picture. I was actually playing basketball outside the house until I realized these guys were watching me. The guy to my left approached me and asked if his group can have a picture with me? I was like, WHAT? HAHAHAHAHAHA. SURE! HAHAHAHA :D Excuse my siopao face :P
These pictures were taken last January 14 during the Kabarangay Caravan Contest. 
These are probably the main highlights of my January 2014! :D Being noticed by Arjo Atayde several times and hugged and be hugged back by the one and only Xian Lim. :D For more details you may view it by clicking this
Happy Fiesta Batangas City! :)
My one and only inspiration. :">
Got to write so many things here in the freedom wall hosted by the CAMP people. I enjoyed reading the posts especially the crush/love posts. We spotted so many familiar names, and my classmate was on the top list! hahaha.
Here is one of the many pictures we've taken during my cousin's baptismal celebration. Felt like we owned the photo booth. Haha
with the newly baptized and his sister. Naalala ko talaga yung childhood ko because of Chase. Akong-ako talaga. Haha.
Favorite picture taken last January. My mom and I looked more like sisters here. :) She's so pretty! 
We looked, uhmm, presentable here? Hahaha. Mukha kaming mababait especially Jejoms. :P
with my future co-hot dentists. :P 
Chinese New Year 2014. 

It's February already! It's LOVE month guys! :D It's that time of the year again for sweet surprises, cheesyy gimicks- giving of heart-shaped balloons, chocolates, bouquet of flowers, valentine cards/love notes etc. (So High Schoooool!!! Haha) It's that time again to spread and celebrate love with the persons we value and love the most. And lastly it's the time to show and express the person you love how you value him/her through your own simple personal ways. Remember: It's the thought that counts. 
Advance Happy Valentines! :D


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