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Hi! :) This week had been so unpredictable for me. Just like what I wish for always many unexpected things happened, both good and bad. In spite of all those things that came about I still chose to face those positively and with a smiling face. Here are some of the most random things that definitely made my week.
1. Knock knock jokes- This may sound weird but knock knock jokes really made my boring days fun! :P 
2. Gala within the campus- This week was a week of adventure inside the campus. During vacant periods and even during classes (We usually do this whenever we're really sleepy and bored with the lessons especially during laboratory periods. Shhh...) my friend and I make sure to roam around the campus like transferring from one building to another just to see if we will be able to spot and see someone or something interesting. :P Lol. 
3. Texting- I seriously can't believe that I would include this on the top list of the things that made my week. I'm not a fan of texting (and i never will) but since i have the funniest and coolest text mates and friends I found myself texting for like hours and smiling all alone while reading their sometimes annoying yet still funny, and sweet text messages. Yung feeling na yung texts na nila yung alarm clock ko. Hahaha :) Sana hindi lang 'to for now para naman everyday may pakinabang ang phone ko at hindi lowbat. :P
4.  People appreciating me for who I am- sounds dramatic and emotional (lol) but still thankful for the nice compliments, words and confessions that I recently received and discovered from my friends and even from my blog readers. It meant a lot to me. :)  Nakakatuwa na nakakahiya na nakakaflatter. Basta. Hahaha. 
*Especially sa platinum album ko way back when I was in Grade 3. (If you know what I mean) Hahahahaha. :P
5. Friends- My friends were actually the main reason behind my great week. Elem friends, High School friends and of course my College friends all-in! :D I'm really lucky to have met them in my life. Cheesy but true :P Looking forward to more galas and fun times with them.
Leaving you this smile for the whole week! :D


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  1. You look beautiful, Shaira! You look happy :) Nice leggings btw.