El Centro Beach Resort

Can you feel already the scorching heat of the sun? I do I do! I'm sure all of you have already set their plans this summer and GOING TO THE BEACH will always be on the top list. Whether you're a beach person or the one who loves adventures El Centro Beach Resort is the best place for you to go! I highly encourage you to try and visit El Centro Beach Resort located at Barangay Pagkilatan Batangas City. 
It is a 30-45 minutes drive from Batangas City and an estimated 2 hours and 30 minutes from Manila. 
2 newly built nipa huts are ready to welcome you. 
For as low as 1000 Php you can already avail one spacious nipa hut which is good for 10-15 persons.
And here's to everyone's favorite destination! The BEACH!!!
A view of the beach during a hot afternoon.
And here's to everyone's favorite part of the day. It is the time when most of the people come out of their huts and cottages and start flocking by the beach; relaxing, taking lots of pictures and swimming while watching the sun sets. 

For inquiries, bookings and reservations you may visit our facebook page or directly contact 09206686481 or 09282499690

We're hoping to see you there! :)


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  1. Nice pica, want to be there!!
    Greets, Nabil ;)

    Will be great if we could follow each other :D


  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Sure! :)

  3. this place looks so awesome :)

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    the STYLE Fringe BLOGLOVIN

  4. Yes it is! Glad you dropped by, Janice! :)


  5. summer is definitely there!! :D so envious of the weather!! that's a nice looking resort!

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  6. Helene, Thank you!
    Libys11, Thank you! :) I visited your blog and saw that it's still snowing there! Don't worry. Summer is definitely coming for you in the next months!

    Lots of love <3