March Diaries 2014

I noticed that since March started we use to spend our weekends at our bukid. Weekends are the only time to unwind and relax with the extended family and feel like we're always on vacay at home away from home. 

Look who got a new fixed gear. Happy kiddo!
Lemme give it a try! Hahaha. I actually failed during my first attempt because I got a big scar on my legs. :( 
The most beautiful driver I ever saw! :) 
There's always something special with round sunnies. 
Breath taking view, isn't it? Only in our bukid.
Because bicycles are too mainstream. Hahaha. I actually prefer a mountain bike like this than a fixie. It's quite hard to drive the fixie but i admit it, it's more appealing. 
Happy riders. I missed this girl already. :(
These gorgeous artworks greeted us at Monte Maria's hotel lobby.
Busy with the newly built huts. We're so ready for SUMMER 2014! :)
How about putting some drama in these pictures. Translation: Problemado sa finals </3
Outfit for a busy day with my mom!
Model ng kubo. Hahahaha :)
Happy Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister, i mean mom! :) Isn't she lovelyy?
Looks like an early summer family outing.   
Pig date with my sisters! We're complete! :D
My "baby" brother's graduation :) 
Spent one whole day again at the beach with my beach bum cousins. This time we went there for a special purpose. :P Let me reveal it on my next blog post!
Leaving you with this touristy picture of mine! Hahahaha. 

Beach pictures taken at my grandparent's beach, El Centro Beach Resort. For inquiries you may visit the facebook page! :) 


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