Aside from the beach itself one of the many things that I love about Boracay is that it offers a lot of activities for all ages. Boracay may be a small island but it surely packs a lot of FUN! Actually, our quick vacation in Boracay didn't allow us to try all the activities that we want to experience but we set our priorities in doing the first two activities that we want to try as a family. During our first day we had our first activity which is the ATV and Buggy car rides. From the hotel we were fetched by the coordinators who brought us to Station 1 where the ATVs were located. There was a quick briefing and test drive before we got to finally drive the ATVs. It was easy to use because they provided us with automatic and new set of rides. It was my first time to try it and it went fun and crazy at the same time. They made sure that our experience will be worth it that's why they made the roads steep and rocky!! We drove for 1 hour and had our final stop at a beach where we relaxed and took photos. It was a great and one of a kind experience to try ATV in Boracay. :)
Our second day in Boracay was meant for a one whole day of island hopping! I don't know why but I really love going on island hopping tours especially when I'm in a different place. It's maybe because I like the feeling of floating & riding a boat and being carried by the water! Haha :) Anyway, we spent one whole day for the island hopping. We went to Station 3 where all the boats going on island hopping are located. The tour started at 9 am and ended at 4 pm. 
The first island that we went to was Crystal Cove. There's nothing much to do except that they offer cove adventures. We didn't availed it though because a lot of tourists didn't too. Instead, our group decided to swim to kill the time and still, it happened in a cave! Haha :) 
Next stop was at Crocodile island. This island is not the typical white sand island because it's literally a rocky floating crocodile shaped island at the middle. When the boat stopped and the boatman said it was time to dive and snorkel I was surprised & was like, here? In the middle? This deep? I don't even know how to swim!!! It was quite surprising because the last time I went snorkeling in Palawan, we were just near the beach and it was not even scary at all. Well, because I really want to experience it even if my mom was too hands on and scared to let me snorkel, I still went for it! Duh, I wouldn't let that 1 hour opportunity go to waste. She even followed me down! Hahaha! :) I didn't went far our boat unlike the others but I was able to see the beauty underwater in my position. I can't wait to share with you the videos we took! :)
The third island that we went to was Manoc-Manoc beach. We had our seafood buffet lunch here which is included in the tour package. There were a lot of locals here selling souvenirs and pasalubongs.  
The last but definitely my favorite was Puka Beach! The place was invaded by tourists and foreigners sunbathing and swimming. The island is rich in Puka Shells and they actually sell some but the prices are too expensive. Being kids at heart, we were able to enjoy our stay there through making sand castles and mermaid tails! Hahaha! The whole stay there was spent for swimming, lounging, tanning, playing and fruit shakes! It was fun! 
Follow me on instagram (@shairangelique) and twitter (@Shairaaaaa) for blog updates! xx

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