To tell you honestly I've never joined any pageant before. It's just not my thing. I know I have the height but I do not have the confidence to join one. I've been forced for 3 years already to join and represent my section in Dentistry Night pageant but I end up disappointing them because I always reject it. When I was asked to join the pageant this year, I remembered all the people who have been expecting, initiating and looking forward to my first ever pageant experience. Not only my family, high school and college friends and acquaintances are supportive but also those random people I rarely talk to. It's just overwhelming that a lot of people see the potential in me that I don't see in myself. They don't want my chubby face, height and blogger way of thinking go to waste! Hahaha! I have finally decided to join, step out of my comfort zone and show everyone what I really got.Who knows? This might be the start of something new! 
This whole pageant thing was actually an escape from stress for me. I was able to enjoy it especially that I'm with a great company who shared the same experiences, laughter and even pressure. 
Standing 6 feet and 3 inches in those heels and smiling every time I appear on stage were probably the hardest parts I encountered during the whole pageant. It's really no joke and I salute all the beauty queens out there. I have to change my posture every minute and exercise my facial muscles just to maintain that big smile on my face. It was actually a struggle but instead of worrying and taking it as a burden I just found a way to enjoy the whole thing. 
Thank you Kuya Tristan for my theme wear. I've never imagined it to be this beautiful. I felt like I'm already crowned even before the pageant ended. I'm looking forward to working with you in the future! :)
Here's to my favorite part of the pageant, the formal wear. The first time I saw this gown hanging at Ariane's closet I already fell in love with it. The color, the sequins, the cut- every detail is just perfect! The gown fitted as if it was really made for me. Thank you Tita Ariane for my beautiful gown. I did enjoyed my walk on stage during the formal wear. How I wish it took me 5 minutes to walk on stage just to flaunt the gown. Haha! 
Congrats to my partner for the "hakot awards". We may not be lucky during the practices (You know what I mean. Haha!) but we were so blessed during the pageant!
The only thing that kept me going during the whole pageant was the thought that there were lot of people expecting from me. I can literally see everyone on stage- my family who looked more nervous than me (MAMA! HAHAHA!!!), my classmates who were cheering so loud every time I walk on stage (Hindi ko nalilimutan ang incentives guys! HAHAHA), the judges and my professors whom I look up to especially those who believe in my capabilities. When the announcement of Top 6 came I was quite nervous. I didn't received any special award and it made me think that there's a less chance that I'll make it to Top 6. I don't want to disappoint all of them. When the result came and I was called for Top 6 my heart jumped for joy. 
While it still felt surreal for me, I didn't realized that question and answer portion follows right after.  My mind was completely in blank space and I secretly prayed that I'll get through this Q&A portion as calm and confident as I can. When I heard the question it felt like I was just about to answer the most asked question in my life. Every word that came out of my mouth was natural. It felt like I was just blogging during the whole Q&A portion. It was a plus that I was able to deliver it with confidence. 
The announcement of Top 3 went fast down to another set of Q&A. I already felt a winner the moment I heard that I'm in Top 3 because my section will surely get 30 points in Anesthesiology and Resto Midterm exams. Haha! Talk about incentives! 
Since I'm already in Top 3 and it's going to be the last part of the judging portion I promised myself to give my best and aim for the title! We never know, right? I tried to calm myself, stand, look and speak confidently. I believe that it's not about the nice and bubbly words that came out of my mouth but it's how I delivered and addressed the message. 
Never did I thought that I will conquer my fear of standing and representing myself in front of a large crowd . The moment I was announced as Ms. Dentistry 2017 I literally jumped for joy. I was unconscious that I was wearing 6 inches heels during that time. Hahaha! I MADE IT! I ACTUALLY MADE IT! To all the people who believed in me and pushed me beyond my limits, to all the people who supported and helped me before, during and after the pageant, to all the people who stood by me and never left, THIS IS ALL FOR YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
The feeling of being crowned as Miss Dentistry was priceless! 
To the woman who has been my number one supporter from the very beginning (although you had thoughts of pulling me out haha! Changes!!!) , my confidante, and the woman who knows what's best for me, thank you! Thank you Mama! You're my inspiration and it made me want to follow your footsteps as a beauty queen. To my sometimes annoying but at times clingy brothers, thank you for supporting and watching me! Alam ko mas prefer nyo mag mobile legends at mag rehearse para sa theater play buong araw but you still managed to come. I know you're both proud because I got the title. I love you!!! 
To my ever supportive cousins who watched, thank youuuu! I know it's a struggle to travel for hours from Manila after your classes and interview. Thank you for the pictures, videos and the documentations (kaya may pang blog ako! Hahaha) I love you girls!
To my supportive classmates, THANK YOU!!! I really felt how happy you were because we have plus 30 points in our midterm exams! Let's demand for higher incentives! HAHAHA!! Thank you for cheering with the crowd. I can literally see all your faces on stage! May nagsosolo pa sumigaw! Hahaha!

To my friends who supported and watched and to those who sent congratulatory messages, thank you! You know who you are!
To Shobe who supported me in every decision that I made I really appreciate it and to my sorellina (Terry) who cried out of happiness, tinalo mo ako dun. Hahaha! 
To my Kuya Inan who supported me all throughout the pageant and to Bonsie who constantly reminds me that I'm going to win the title (HAHAHA, Laki ng tiwalaaa!) THANKKK YOUU! 
To my co-candidates who were with me all throughout the pageant, CONGRATULATIONS to all of us! I wouldn't enjoy the whole pageant if it wasn't because of you guys! It was a success! We all made it! :)

To all the persons who were with me behind the pageant- my makeup artist and handler, Tito Donn Ramos, my mentors, Kuya Angelo and Kuya Kim, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you for pushing me and bringing out the best in me. Thank you for taking care of me from the beginning until the end of the pageant. I'm hoping to see and be with you on my next journey. :) 

This year's Dentistry Night will always be the most memorable for me. Thank you to all the amazing people behind this big event. It was a great experience! :)

Photo credits:
Aimee Bustillo


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  1. Wow, this is amazing Shaira! I'm not surprised you won, you looks gorgeous. That black dress is fit for a princess! This must have been such a great experience, and given you the confidence to accomplish whatever you wish for. You go girl! :D

    Julia x
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  2. Wow! You look amazing! Congrats


  3. Huge congratulations to you. You look stunning and look very confident. Your smile is a winner.

  4. Congratulation, your dress is amazing so glamourous!

  5. Wow! Such an amazing experience :) You look so beautiful just the way you are!
    Karen |

  6. You supper pretty girl, congratulations :)

  7. Oh my, congratulations.I know that feeling.You look gorgeous.Just like a goddess in that black gown.

  8. Amazing event!!

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