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If you're updated with my instagram stories you would know that I'm homebound during the previous days. I had no galas and do the same routine everyday- eat, sleep, blog, repeat. I don't complain though because I found myself doing more productive things like planned my schedule for this week (it's already fully booked and I'm happy about it!), cleaned my closet (I want to sell some of my clothes that I only wore once or twice because I cannot manage some of it already!!), watched makeup tutorials and at least tried to watch an episode of Weightlifting Fairy kdrama. Hahaha! Anyway, I'm really a big fan of Thought Catalog since 2012 and found myself visiting and reading some of its articles again since vacation started. The articles are all beautiful and relateable. It made me wish to be one of their writer soon. I would be very happy if I will!!! Sharing with you some of the excerpt of my favorite articles from Thought Catalog. :)
"It’s not enough just to like someone. A crush is not enough. You have to make them feel wanted. You have to make them feel valued. When you like someone and you don’t let them know, they’ll always wonder, they’ll question your intentions, they’ll question themselves, they’ll wonder why you’re not making any effort and they’ll ask themselves if they did anything that made you change your mind, if maybe you like someone else more, if they should have done more to keep you interested. Look for someone who not only likes you but also wants you because that makes all the difference. When someone wants you, they don’t leave you with unanswered questions or mixed feelings and they don’t make room for anyone to steal their spot. When someone wants you, they let you know. You feel it. You see it. You believe it. You don’t just sit there and hope it turns into something real. It’s not an illusion, it’s reality. Liking someone is not enough, wanting someone is what pushes people to put themselves out there, risk rejection and open themselves up to love another person and be loved.  Don’t wait for someone to show you how much they like you, wait for them to show you how much they want you." -- Why Liking Someone Is Simply Not Enough
"I know you thought that he was going to be different or special. You thought he was going to change his ways, or that you would be the one to get him falling fast. I know you thought that somehow, it had to work out. He showed interest at first. He probably smiled his charming grin at you and your heart dropped like it hasn’t done in a long time. I bet his eyes made you feel like you were the only one in the room that night. And I bet you believed him. And it's not your fault he was goddamn cute. It's not your fault he said things that made you melt. It's not your fault he made your knees grow weak. It's not your fault his eyes made you want him. So here you are now wondering what you did. Here you are now wondering what you said that made him stop showing interest in you. Here you are now asking yourself so many questions. This is about him. This is about his issues. This is about his small unwelcoming heart. This is about his inability to fully love. This is about his inability to care. About anyone but himself. You did nothing wrong, dear. You didn’t mess this up. This is not your fault. This is all on him. This is all his wrongdoing. This is his mistake and this will be his regret one day. Truthfully, you’re better off without the guy who plays his games only to get what he wants and needs. Truthfully, you don’t need someone like that in your life. Truthfully, he doesn’t deserve your love and your beautiful, beautiful heart. Don’t blame yourself for his faults. Don’t blame yourself for his broken heart. One day you’ll look back on this time in your life and you’ll smile at yourself in the mirror, knowing that he lost the best thing that he could ever have." -- He's Not Busy, He Just Doesn't Give A Damn Shit About You
"But the next day, no matter how hurt I still am, I let go. I don’t let them see my pain. I don’t reach out. Once I say goodbye, I mean it. At a certain point, I promised myself I’d never go back to anyone who took me for granted, whether we’d dated once or for years. And I’ve kept that promise. There is something about someone breaking me down and making me feel worthless for a moment that makes them nothing to me for a lifetime. I don’t love them. I don’t hate them. I nothing them. The truth is, love isn’t easy but it’s worth it—especially when it’s with the right person. And when the right person comes along, you’ll say, “Ah, there you are, my missing puzzle piece! Good thing I waited for you…”" --The Strongest Girls Know When To Let Go Of The Wrong Person"
"At the end of the day, you are the only one who is truly capable of living your life. You can take people’s tricks and tips but it comes down to you and what you decide to do with that information. It comes down to what you want and how much work you’re willing to do to get there. Give yourself the permission you keep seeking from elsewhere. Allow yourself to take risks, to become the person you want to be, to live out your dreams. Don’t stay on a path that doesn’t fill your soul with inspiration because you feel like it’s what you’re supposed to do. Screw what you’re supposed to do and do what you were born to do. Give yourself permission to go after your goals because the only thing worse than failing is never trying. Be able to say you at least tried, you at least went after your dreams so you don’t wake up one morning wondering where the hell your life went. You are capable of so much- don't let anyone tell you otherwise." -- Give Yourself The Permission You'reSeeking From Everyone Else And Go Live The Truth
"She is a passionate girl. She loves hard and with everything she has. She isn’t afraid to put herself out there, to tell you she has feelings for you, to flirt, to step forward, to grab your hand and let you spin her around in circles as the sun sets. She wants to know you. Not just see what the world sees, but know your story. Know the secrets you hide, the lessons you’ve learned, the broken pieces you’re still trying to mend. She wants to kiss away your pain as best as she can. She wants to love you more deeply than anyone who came before. She is a passionate girl. She is not afraid to feel, to give, to love. She is not afraid to fight, to forgive, to stay. She is not afraid of relationships, of commitment, of promises, of a future. She is not afraid of emotions, of heart, of stepping forward into something beautify and scary and real. And so you must step forward, too. You must not be afraid. You must understand that just because her love is big does not mean it needs to scare you. And love, damn it. Love. Love wildly. Love fiercely. Love with all of you, and don’t hold back. Love that passionate girl with passion. And never let her go." -- How To Love A Passionate Girl  
"Love doesn’t just magically appear, it doesn’t magically happen, you have to let it happen, and you have to work at it when it does. Love isn’t always convenient, it doesn’t always have good timing and it definitely doesn’t always look or feel the way it does in books and movies. But no matter how weird and difficult love can be, you should never feel like it’s hard to love someone and you should never feel like it’s hard for them to love you. Relationships are hard, but love, I don’t think love is hard. Love is something that if it’s real, it’s always there. Be yourself. Don’t doubt or worry or fear. Spend your life with the people who make you feel good, the people who make those doubts, worries, and fears fade into the background. Spend your life letting every bit of happiness in, and love will come with it." -- This Is How I  Finally Found Love After Being The Eternally Single Girl
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  1. Such a cute post - you look beautiful and I love where you are, so, so pretty! :)

    Layla xx

  2. A very lovely post! And who doesn't love to eat , sleep and blog. How awesome is that!
    Hope you are having plenty of fun!

    Dimito Michiyo

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