Grovy Lane Single Debut

Hey guyssss! How are you all doing? Most of us, if not all, are currently addicted to listening and singing along to new songs these days. I bet everybody knows the song Despacito and got everyone movin’, and singin’ (although only few understands the lyrics hahaha) to the beat!!! I’m guilty of this! Some of you may know already that I’m also a musician and I love entertaining and sharing my music to everyone. I sing and at the same time play the piano and it’s sad for my part that I wasn’t able to fully focus and give much attention to it. But of course I still go back to my passion whenever I have some time to spare. 
Anyway, I’ve recently discovered two great artists of our generation who, just like me, are called to express themselves in the form of their music. These two people are no other than Max Foxx and Nicky Renard. I feel really happy and proud to have found and heard their latest single! To give you a little background, Max Foxx and Nicky Renard are both into rock music. They are both the composer and two talented artists behind the newest single, Grovy Lane. "Max composed the basic chords of Grovy Lane, which have remained the same with the only change that Max nowadays plays the chords on acoustic 12-string guitars. However, after the chords were composed, they were left dormant for decades until a jam session Max had with Nicky Renard in October 2016. Nicky composed some additional parts and the solo, and that was how the decade-old chord progression became the foundation of Grovy Lane. His main instruments are electric and acoustic guitars as well as various keyboards. On the other hand, Nicky dedicated herself to vigorously practicing on her own and composing songs herself. Today Nicky plays on several different electric guitars, mainly Gibsons, and her absolute favorite, the one used on the long solo in Grovy Lane, is a 1960 Gibson TV Special." I hope more people in the music industry will be given attention and credit for what they share and love to do. I know they’re going to make it big!!! 
Grovy Lane was finally released last June 30, 2017 as a single! If you’re into classic rock songs I’m sure you’ll love this! :) You can now listen to their single on Spotify or download the song on iTunes. Don’t forget to visit and like their facebook page and follow their instagram account. :) 


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  1. They sound really awesome! I'll have to check them out!

  2. Dear Shaira, it seems a really amazing event! Nice pics!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  3. I haven't heard about them before, I'll listen to them for a sure :) What's more, I haven't had idea that you're musician, Shaira :)

  4. I have to listen on theses musicians for sure !
    I love classic rock. ☺

  5. So awesome! I love music especially going to watch/dance to some live music in my city.

  6. Niiiice! I like discovering new music.

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