Kissing Sumer 2017 Goodbye

My long vacation is about to end in just a few days!!! I don't know what I'll feel but I'll surely miss the happy and acads-free life that I used to enjoy for the past 4 months! (Halos isang sem din yun!!) There are days when I feel like going back to school because I miss the busy life I experience every Mondays to Fridays but there are days also when I feel like I don't want this long vacation to end. Magulo pa rin isip ko. Going back to school scares and at the same time excites me- scares because clinician na ako and excites because clinician na nga ako!!! I'm dealing with more live patients! It's going to be a stressful semester (I'm already expecting it) but I'll just do my best in everything that I'll do. Bawal ang nega. Good vibes lang dapat. :)
This is by far my most enjoyed summer vacation. I told you before that I listed a number of things that I want to do and try before summer ends (basically a bucket list!) but I didn't shared it here on the blog. Now that summer is almost over I'm proud to say that I did almost half of what's in my list! :) Some of it includes visiting a local tourist spot which is Cebu and Bohol (Finally!!), swim with the whale sharks at Oslob (What an experience!!!), tried enrolling at the gym (although I only went for 2 weeks), learn how to drive and get a license (YAY!!! My favorite so far!) and visit Manila Ocean Park (Does it sound childish? Haha!). I still have 7 remaining and I guess I'll reserve that for the next days. I'll not let 2017 end without leaving it unaccomplished. Haha! Let's do this!!
Outfit. Two staple pieces that I would always have in my closet are midi and maxi dresses. Those are actually two things that dominate my closet that whenever I order or buy something it's always any of the two or both. This stripe cami sundress that I'm wearing was my recent purchase from Zaful and its size is medium. Aside from it being midi, one thing that I liked about it is the print. So much for all the floral dresses that I purchased! Haha! Actually this dress comes in different colors-- red, green, blue and brown but the blue one is the most eye catching. :) Another newly purchased item from Zaful is this full frame pilot sunnies. This kind of sunnies has been all over the internet lately so I decided to get mine too. Haha! It comes in different colors-- blue, gray, purplish red and yellow but I decided to get the yellow because it looked like what Liza Soberano is actually wearing in her shoots. Hahaha!

Dress- SALE: $15.99 or Php 799.5 // Sunnies- $7.47 or Php 373.5

I have a coupon code that you can use when you buy some items from Zaful. Just type Zaful0963 during check out!
Here's how it can be used. You have to at least buy products worth $20 to use it.
2$ off $20, $3 off $30, $5 off $50, $8 off $80, $10 off $100
Coupon will last until December 31, 3017 :)
Outfit. Another recent purchase from Zaful is this pompom bag. It's medium sized and can fit all my essentials knowing that I always put so much in my bag! Haha! My umbrella fits in there! Don't you just love the design and little details like the colorful strap and cute pompoms on the side! :) Lastly I wore this pair of sandals from Gamiss. This is the second time that I used it. It sometimes give an illusion that I'm not wearing any shoes because it's close to skin tone. Ang cute lang! :)

Bag: $24.49 or Php 1224.50 // Shoes: $26.94 or Php 1,347
Cheers to more adventures, galas, dramas (HAHAHA), and road trips with you my sorellina // travel buddy! :) 

Let's stay connected through instagram (@shairangelique) and twitter (@Shairaaaaa) for updates!


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  1. I love this outfit on you!!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  2. Lovely outfit, that dress looks great on you! I think Zaful has great stuff!
    Keep up,

  3. Cute photos!

  4. This is so pretty. I love the dress.
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Follow me and I'll follow you back.

  5. Wish summer would just last forever!! Love this dress on you girl :)



  6. I love this striped number on you, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Ahh don't say that! I'm not ready to kiss summer 2017 goodbye just yet. August is just starting and I'm really excited for the month ahead! Love you dress btw!

    Rina Samantha

  8. Such a sweet post!
    Love your outfit♥

  9. Adorable dress!

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. And just like that, summer is over! Nice dress and bag.

  11. Aww, sorry to hear your long vacation is coming to an end, though hopefully you'll enjoy the sense of routine you mentioned! :) Looking SO beautiful in this striped dress, by the way!

  12. Ah, I am totally understand about it, I used to really hate when long holiday came to end, however since I am graduated from univ and start working, I never have long holiday anymore, lol :)
    Anyway, love your tinted sunnies and that midi dress looks pretty on you, I saw one on Zaful too, love the color blocks :)



  13. Beautiful place! ;)

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