End-of-Summer Realizations

Since it's officially the start of classes on Monday (it scares and excites me!) I am currently reminiscing some memories that this vacation had left me. Bakit ang bilis lumipas ng oras? Tapos na ang 4 months na bakasyon?! Back to school na. Hello clinic na!!  It's been 4 long months of planned and unexpected experiences, ups and downfalls, and of course summer memories that will always be remembered. I have so many thoughts and ideas in mind, realizations to be exact, and I thought of putting it into words and share it to you here on the blog. These are super minor realizations yet funny and kinda helpful.
  • It's okay to be organized and have a summer plan. Before summer started I have already planned the first 30 days of my vacation and already took note some important dates in my calendar. Yup, I always plan in advance because in that way I will be able to do all the things that I want and go to the places in my bucket list. Although not all didn't go according to planned I'm still happy that I was able to still keep up with some of my plans and schedules at the end of my vacation. I feel accomplished! :)
  • SAVE. Learn how to save!! My savings last semester spoiled me and gave me so much to enjoy last summer. All those expenses for the random trips that I went, things that I bought- basically all the wants and necessities- all came from my savings. What I did last semester was that I sorted out the 20's and 50's bills whenever I have some in my wallet and put in a jar. :)
  • Driving could be fun but not if you're alone. I hate driving alone. It's either I get sleepy or really bored that I need to call a friend until I reach my destination. Sometimes I lower down the car windows and play loud songs on my playlist. :)
  • Planning outfits 1 week before the trip and bringing 3 extra ootds will help you save time. I always do this every time I go on a trip. Plus, I make it a point to have different outfits each day like different hats or sunnies every day of my trip so that I'll be able to use everything that I have in my closet. I don't care about having over baggage because I got two brothers who can bring my extra stuffs in their luggage. I think that's what brothers are for when travelling (aside from being forced photographers! Haha)
  • Getting blog and sponsored stuffs weekly can be fun when you're always going on trips. But what if not?! I have deadlines to meet and the clothes usually get piled up and stuck to the point that I don't know where to wear all of those. All thanks to my cousin who thought of setting up a mini studio aka. white wall + light bulb lighting + trusted camera inside the house. Look at these shots! These pictures were a product of the home-stayed-rush photoshoot. Haha! 
  • I realized how much I love sunnies after I got a total of 9 before summer ends. Yup! I always end up ordering sunnies. My favorites are the 3 metal rose gold sunnies that I have in 3 different styles.
  • I can't filter my first thoughts in the morning. I say everything that I want to say. I'll just realize how stupid my texts are after I back read conversations. Sometimes it's embarrassing because I tend to cross the line but I just have to face the fact that it's just me being the realest and most honest me every morning. 
  • I rarely use the word "Ingat" or Take Care. While I have so many friends texting and saying take care whenever I'm somewhere or just even at home, I'm this type of person who makes it a big deal whenever I tell someone that word. You must be special when I say it to you. Haha! 
  • You can leave me in a zoo for a day and still not get bored in it. I didn't know that I love seeing animals especially exotic ones. Snake? I'd gladly volunteer to hold and carry it around my neck. Sea lion? I'd volunteer and get kissed by it on the lips. Stingrays? I'd gladly touch and feel its slimy texture. But still, I will not feel fulfilled until I see, have a picture taken and feed a giraffe! 
  • I still haven't finished a series! HAHAHA! I tried watching Weightlifting Fairy due to classmates' demand but I ended up turning it down after I reached episode 3. I'm not really a fan of korean dramas as well as korean love teams or korean oppas. I'm currently watching 13 Reasons Why and hopefully I can finish the series. Haha! I'm down to the 4th episode. :)
  • I don't really believe in traditional things about love but... I think I've eaten my thoughts and words. I don't believe in red string of fate nor having a soulmate but... how can I say it's not real when I'm already experiencing it. 
  • It's funny how small the world can be and how fast the time can fly. It's like one day you meet a very random person that you didn't know at all but it turned out that you're connected in some way and after you meet, you just clicked like a lock fits the key. You didn't realize how fast the time can pass because you two are both happy with each other's company. 
Outfit. So here's another purchase from my favorite Shein store. I actually have three options but this dress won my heart. This criss cross back swing dress has been in the trend for quite sometime already- blue and white stripes midi dresses! What I like about this dress is the nautical, retro and at the same time vintage vibes it give. It came with a big surprise at the back too!!! It's super bare back! To complete the look I decided to put on my new golden round sunnies from Zaful, bohemian tassel earrings from Zaful also and my new favorite cute camera bag from Rosegal.

Dress: $21 or Php 1,050 // Sunnies: $8.49 or 425
Tassel Earrings: $3 or Php 150 // Camera Bag: $31.28 or Php 1,564 

Let's stay connected through instagram (@shairangelique) and twitter (@Shairaaaaa) for updates! 


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  1. So much realizations in one summer. Wish you the best for school.
    And I think you better drink coffee first before sending text messages in the morning. :D

  2. This was such an insightful and honest post! I love your outfit and the way shooting in front of a white background has turned out! Hope you start school with as little problems as possible!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


  3. Those pictures look so professional! Love the white background!

    Thanks for sharing your summer thoughts! it was very interesting to read :)

    Have a great weekend!


    Seize your Style

  4. It's always interesting to look back on your thoughts and ideas like that, it shows the progress you make in a certain amount of time! Good luck with starting school again, you can do it!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Around Balboa Park, San Diego | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2017/08/balboa-park-san-diego.html

  5. You look SO beautiful in this blue and white striped dress; such a doll - and I love the photography! Saving is always a good idea, and how funny you don't enjoy driving along; haha, I love creating driving playlist for when I have long journeys on my own :)


  6. Love your dress! Saving is always a good plan x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  7. Loved for post.
    You seemed to have opened your heart in this post.


  8. This post was super cute and all, but that line about you before not believing in love... ohmygosh that hit me hard. I recently went through similar feelings but that ended very abruptly so I'm back to square on BUUUUT I'm super happy for you and hope you have the best :)

    Little Moon Elephant

  9. Oh wow!! I start vacations on Monday hahaha
    Good luck with classes and your goals ;)



  10. I love the idea behind this post! It was a fun way to get a look at your summer. I'm the same way with my brother when it comes to traveling. I'm always sticking my extra clothes in his suitcase! And you look amazing in this outfit, and that camera bag is too cute! I hope you have an amazing start with your classes. x

    x Kara

  11. Such a lovely post and thoughts Shaira! Being your real self is nothing to be embarrassed about even about quirky texts early in the morning hehe, I have been there too! Love your dress and you look gorgeous as ever!

  12. Can't believe summer is almost over!! Ps. love this dress on you!




  13. Great post here hun. You look amazing in that Shein dress. So much realization here. Good ones I must say.


  14. wow this is such a beautiful look, love your dress and can't stop admiring that cute camera bag, the whole outfit is so perfect. And yeah it's little depressing that Summer has come to an end :(

    xx Ashon

  15. You seem quite aware of yourself. Such a great post. Fab look.

    Inez | My Small World

  16. That dress is so cute and the earrings are gorgeous too!
    Amy xx

  17. Look at that cute striped dress! How perfect for summer

  18. I absolutely love the camera bag it's so unique and looks fabulous with your gorgeous dress and earrings. Summer is non existent in the UK isn't it, so depressing - you look like you're ready to take on life's next chapter. Love this look!
    Jaz xoxo

  19. Such a cute dress and a fun camera bag! Looking so adorable

    xx Yasmin

  20. How wonderful you had such a great summer and your savings have been such a great benefit! You are doing it absolutely right! Love the dress <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  21. Ahh don't say end of summer yet =P! I definitely outfit plan before I go on trips and know what I'll what for what type of event or occasion. Saves me so much time when I'm actually on my vacay so I can enjoy instead of spend time choosing outfits =P

    Rina Samantha

  22. stripes and your bag perfect

  23. I also love being organised - planning is so much fun :-) Like your studio set up, great idea to have that at home and I just love your blue & white striped dress.

    Miriam xx

  24. Such a lovely dress!You look gorgeous:-)


  25. So beautiful!!


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