Life Update: Surviving 2nd Year Dental Proper

Second sem, Second year dental proper was probably the busiest semester we had so far. It has been one of a roller coaster ride and I'm so happy I was able to survive its ups, loops and turn arounds. Sobrang daming nangyaring hindi ko malilimutan-- nagstart mag pasyente, one week na confine dahil ng dengue (Hahaha!), kinoronahan nung Dent night, nag defense sa Resto at CD, pag wawax pattern sa RPD na hirap akong magets, natutong mag wire bending sa Ortho (Hahaha, di ko to makakalimutan kase nahirapan ako), mukhang cover to cover prelims to semi-final exams at legit na cover to cover final exams, puro na lang report report report sa ***** (haha),  mga nakakaantok na lectures, turukan ng anesthesia na naenjoy ko, compre exam sa Resto at yung dapat bakasyon  na pero inabot pa ng lindol yung ibang final exams. All the screams and cries were all worth it at the end. Halos nakakapagod everyday. Papasok ng maaga uuwi ng gabi na. Pero I already chooe this life and I know that times two pa 'to pag nag clinic na. It's been a crazy tiring 4 months in school but still fulfilling and enjoyable. 
One thing that I'm going to miss is our RPD subject and of course our prof, Doc Moresca. The subject is actually one of the hardest to understand but all thanks to our prof for being humble and patient enough. Nakakalito mag wax pattern. This is the subject where I always feel sleepy during lectures to the point that I have to transfer my seat at the back para hindi nakakahiyang higab ako ng higab. Sometimes I tend to be really madaldal and ask a lot of questions so that I'll look attentive. Yung mga kinukulbit ko tuwing lectures. mga nakakachikahan ko tungkol sa crush ko habang naglelecture (Uyy, Shobe nag "Good Morning" na si ano. HAHA), si Jejoms na naglaro na lang ng naglaro sa iPad nya, si Claire na mukhang nakikinig pero hindi rin pala kase may katext (HAHAHA!) at yung mga kaklase ko sa likod na pasimpleng kumakain at nanunuod pala ng K-drama!! :) Another thing that will be missed during this class is our merienda time. Hindi nawawala ang Banana-Q, Cheezy at Alibaba tapos may pa ice cream pa during the last week of March! Sure naman akong ako yung pinaka tumubo nun. Hahaha bat kase ang sarap ng ice-cream?!! :)
One of our subject requirement for the second semester is to construct a complete denture for a completely edentulous patient. At first akala ko madali. I'm talking about looking for a patient. Pero akala ko lang pala yun. I was with my mom during the entire patient hunting sa bukid. Syempre, nahihiya-hiya pa ako. Papangangahin ang patient ganon, silip-silip kung mataas pa ba ang ridge. I found 2 who I brought in school for approval pero nung nandun na parehas DISAPPROVED. Ang saklap lang. Hindi pala biro maghanap. Nagkataong sumabay pa nun ang Dent night at ang ibang acads. I don't know how I'm going to manage everything. Nagtanong pa rin ako sa mga kakilala ko na baka may kakilala pa din sila na pwedeng patient. Habang naghihintay pa rin ng patient, dasal lang ng dasal kase malapit na din ang deadline. God is good because he heard my prayer. I had a patient during the last minute and to think na sa bundok pa pala sya nakatira, grabe, dun pa pala magmumula patient ko!
As students, our prof let us experienced the step by step making of the denture. It was hard but promising. It was hard but fulfilling. Impression taking pa lang kala mo ang dali na. Sukat-sukat lang pero hindi pala. It should be perfect. Yung pag gawa ng occlusal rim kala mo ang dali lang pero hindi. Yan yung part ng CD na iniyakan ko. Hahaha! E kase naman dagdag bawas ng wax. Parang hindi na natapos-tapos e. Akala ko once na magawa ko yun ng ayos e okay na. Mukha kasing madali ang pagseset ng ngipin. Parang ilalagay mo lang naman diba pero mukha lang pala! Dyan ako pinakanagtagal tapos I was absent for 1 week because of dengue. Imagine. Nasa ospital ako pero yung isip ko nasa pustiso at pasyente ko pa din lalo na sa deadline ng pagpapaluto para kasabay ako ng mga kaklase ko. Nakakapressure at nakaka stress. :( Ang daming isipin tapos ibinalita pa na may defense din daw in that same subject. Gusto ko na lalo bumalik ng school. I thought Terry and I will be the last pair for defense pero tinawag kami unexpectedly during the middle part. Grabeeeee, buti na lang nagstart ako magbasa sa ospital nun. Hahaha! The bottom line is that my partner and I survived! Akalain mo nga naman! Ang daming pinagdaanan ng denture ng patient ko bago matapos tapos. Ang sarap isipin at balik-balikan lahat ng struggles na yun because it made me think how strong I was during those times. Of course, I wouldn't be able to do all of it without the help of my classmates and other senior and junior clinicians too. Thank you po sa tulong and advices. It was priceless to see my patient smile with a complete denture. All those praises and "thank yous" that I received made me realize how fulfilling my future job will be. 
Ang hirap maging masipag pero kailangan. Basa lang ng basa. Basa lang ng basa. Last March kinareer ko na talaga ang mag library. Kahit loner ako, okay lang. It's actually better to go on Saturdays kase wala halos tao. A lot of people ask me bakit kailangan sa library pa kung pwede naman sa bahay. Mas gusto ko yung environment ko pag nasa library ako. Mas nakakafocus ako compared sa bahay na ang daming distractions. Wi-fi, ingay ng tv, and most especially yung antok. I find myself more productive when I'm alone in the library.
This was the time before our final exam in Ortho. Grabe yung cover to cover na yun. Yung tipong hindi mo alam kung anong photocopy ba yung dapat balikan at basahin ulit. Nakakataranta, nakakakaba pero na enjoy ko. 
Ewan ko ba kung bakit halos puro last minute na yung pagpapasa namin ng requirements last sem. Siguro dahil nagsabay-sabay na lang. But I'm grateful to be working with a fun and loud group. Hindi ako nakafeel ng pressure kase ang saya nila kasama. I'm forever and will always be thankful that we have each other's back. 
The people who invade my phone most of the time. Pero si Jejomar talaga sobrang daming selfie. Hahaha! Looking at all your random pictures and videos already makes my day. 
We performed 5 techniques of Anesthesia for our subject requirement last semseter. Nakakakaba at first. Syempre naman, you're going to inject on blind spots. But all thanks to Doc Valen for being a hands-on prof. Thanks also to Kuya Kim for being a cooperative patient. :) 
What happens before any clinical procedures are our BTS shoots. Hahaha! If only I would compile all our boomerangs and videos you will know how we still manage to have some fun in spite of all the stressful things last semester threw us. 
Acting na acting lang. Haha! It's funny how my section used to be so good behind the camera. Yung tipong hindi mo mapapagkamalang mga nag dedentista. 
When we feel like de stressing from school, our favorite thing to do is to eat. Ang daming nagsasabi na parang bakit mukhang ang dami pa rin naming time. Well, it's just a matter of balancing things. Hindi kailangan na puro na lang acads. You have to think of yourself too. You have to treat yourself too. This photo was during the World Pizza Day where we treated ourselves with unli pizza in Yellow Cab.
Pero pag yung stress level talaga e nag exceed na, CHICKEN CHAMI lang po ang katapat. Konstantin's is my go to place whenever I feel stressed or when I just want to treat myself. Sarap na sarap ako sa chicken chami. Ang galing talaga ng nakaimbento nito. Hahaha! 
Above all the stress relievers that I know, my friends are my favorite. They know how to easily brighten up my day. Bigyan ba naman ako ng one whole cake with a message na wag na ako mastress. Sobrang sweet po! Haha. Tapos may time pa na cake nga lang sapat na pero ginawa pang caramel flavor. Double thank you talaga. <3 
Choosing Dentistry is one of the best decision that I've made. I know it's still a long way to go pero syempre dapat laging kakayanin. Junior Clinician na next sem! Mag ciclinic na rin sa wakas! Woohh! Alam kong triple ang magiging hirap kaya dapat mas galingan. Patient hunting na naman! Whoever wants to be my patient for Oral Prophylaxis (Linis), Pasta, Complete and Partial Dentures (Pustiso) and Porcelain Jacket Crown, feel free to approach and contact me. Message me on facebook (Shaira Manalo), twitter (@Shairaaaaa) or instagram (@shairangelique) It's for FREE! Don't you worry because all procedures are guided by licensed dentists. 

Hoping to see you in the clinic! :)


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  1. You did a great job with those teeth! Congrats on your 2nd year!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. Well done Shaira! Congratulations!
    Kisses, Paola.

  3. Amazing post! You do an amazing job and your work is so important!


  4. Nice! Congratulations :)

    Love, Lindsey

  5. Wow that's awesome! You're learning to much!

    District of Chic

  6. Great job, great post!

  7. Ang saya saya nyo tingnan, I remember back in my uni days too. You did well with your patient, he looks so happy. Wishing you the best!!!

  8. Thank you!!
    Must be really hard, but must be an amazing job! Good luck, darling!


  9. This looks like so much fun!

  10. Studying in medical sciences must be super difficult and demanding, but as you said it's all worth it - this is an important job you're doing, so well done on keeping positive!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Balboa Park, San Diego CA |

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