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Hey yooo! It's finally Christmas vacation! Another stressful semester done!!! Hayyyy, I can finally relax and enjoy the rest of the month without thinking of my acads and deadlines. By the way, I really missed my blog because I have been MIA for the past weeks and months. I have a lot of new updates to post- ootds, events and diaries here and I'm excited to share all of those with you! Anyway, I don't have any plans of going out today because it's a complete rest day for my foot. I got injured and had one toe dislocated and another one fractured last week. The happening went really quick. I was about to go to Manila to attend Blogger's United last Saturday but while I was getting my shoes I had a stair accident. Instead of going to Manila we went to the emergency room and had it treated immediately. It's a good thing that it was corrected in the least possible time and I feel much better now although I still cannot bend it completely. 
Outfit. I realized that I've been ordering lots of jumpsuits and rompers lately (wait for my next ootd posts!!!) It's just that I find it comfortable and modish without putting too much effort in styling it. This jumpsuit from Yoins is one of it. It's comfortable to use- the fabric is soft and absorbs sweat. There are no worries if it's too windy because it's not a dress which might fly up or too hot which may cause you to sweat too much. The prints is a plus for me because I'm the typical girly girl who loves printed pinks and neutrals on my outfit. The only thing that I don't like in wearing jumpsuit is when I have to pee. It's a hassle to remove everything from top to bottom. Haha! Anyway, if you want to see and buy this geometry print jumpsuit, you can check it out here. I got it for $21.95 // Php 1,364.41. :) I also got my floral headband from Yoins for only $5.95 // Php 312.84 :)
Jumpsuit and Headband from Yoins
Check out Yoins blog for more update of their products! :) See you in my next posts!!! :)


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  1. Love the colors of this jumpsuit!! It looks so good on you!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


    Seize your Style

  2. Very nice jumpsuit! I love the colors!


  3. kacute naman, love the pastel color, playful yet chic!

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  4. Oh no! I hope it mends fully very soon! The colours of the jumpsuit are beautiful and go so well with the breezy photos !

  5. Love this outfit, beautiful dress!!

  6. I like the colours on that jumpsuit. Looking wonderful and beautiful.

  7. That dress is so pretty! You look lovely.
    if you pick up dresses,glamchase used gold prom dresses for sale reviews gives you amazing choices.

  8. Oh no it's a shame for your foot! I hope it heals completely soon and you can go on adventures again :)

    Julia x
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