What's with my 2017?

2017 has been a year of ups and downs but I'm pretty sure that it is by far the most memorable and eventful year I had in my 21 years of existence. It's already been a roller coaster ride of experiences and emotions since January 2017 'til now that it's December. This is the year of bountiful blessings, of lessons, of experiences and of taking big leaps and challenges. I could say that 2017 has definitely been my year and I wouldn't trade any of my experiences here for anything else. 
  • This year, my self confidence was tested through joining my first ever pageants! It was the pageant for my department which is Ms. Dentistry and school pageant, Ms. LPU. Joining these two pageants and having myself crowned as Ms. Dentistry 2017 has been one of my biggest and proudest achievement that I'll always remember until I become older. I've never had that high self confidence to walk and dance and represent myself in a crowd who will judge me with the way I look. But, I still pushed it through because in spite of all the negative thinking of what could go wrong I focused on the positive thinking of what could possibly go right. Both pageants gave me the feeling of victory although I got no title on the second pageant. Conquering my fear and being the pride of my department and family made me feel a real winner already. Sabi nga nila kulang lang ako minsan sa motivation at pampalakas ng loob but at the end of the day it will always be what my heart says and it is "I'd rather have a life of "oh wells" than a life of "what ifs". :) I don't want to end up with regrets anymore. I'll never know when I do not try so, yes, I'll still go for it! :)
  • This year I've been focused and active in improving my lifestyle. I engaged myself in different activities like driving and yup, I got my driver's license already. I purposely went to the gym to be fit and toned but... I didn't went on a diet so basically, I've gained more weight than lose some pounds this year (Haha huhu, I don't know if I'll be happy or not) I still joined basketball women's in spite of giving up my clinic days. I started reconnecting & meeting old and new friends too who were once strangers turned into close friends and boyfriend (Haha!). I explored new places this year (places in my bucket list) and tried different dishes in artsy cafes to fine dining restaurants. It's like food tasting everyday. Haha! I never forget blogging. Blogging every vacation has been my favorite past time and I'm still accepting sponsorships and product reviews for my favorite brands. 
  • The first semester of 3rd year proper had pretty much caused me stress for the past 4 months. There was a big leap from the acads-focused life to acads-clinic life. The hardest part of it? Looking for patients. My patience was tested especially in looking for ideal patients for each clinical requirements that I have to finish at the end of the semester. It's not easy to find patients who are willing to deal with because they could be deceiving at times. Sometimes they'll say "yes" but they will eventually leave you when you have scheduled them already for the procedure. It's disappointing and big a waste of time for every clinician who's trying to catch up with the requirements for the whole semester. I don't know if it's just me but God always do wonders whenever I'm left with no patient. He's really good and He's really helping me by giving me unexpected blessings especially during last minute clinic situations. Thank you Lord for making me survive everyday. First semester: DONE!!! 
  • This year I found a love. Yiee hahaha. You all know who I'm talking about! It was one of the biggest risk I made this year. It's taking the risk of introducing a man to my family and taking the risk of trusting my heart to someone. I was afraid and full of doubts at first but at the back of my mind I wanted to follow my heart and do something that would make me happy. I don't want to keep secrets (because I'm not really good at it) and I wanted to do the right thing. I introduced Paulo to my family because I know that he's worth it to be introduced to my family. 
OutfitTropical print romper and round semi-rimless sunnies from Rosegal
  • This year I learned to enjoy, be happy and be contented with whatever I have in my life. Whatever happens, accept it. Whether it may be good or bad, think of it as a blessing and a lesson. Don't let yourself be occupied by fear and hatred. Love your family and spend more time with them. Be thankful for whatever God has given you. 
Merry Christmas everyone!!! :) 


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  1. Sounds like you had a great year. I hope you have another good year next year!

  2. This year must have been amazing for you. You improved so much! ♥

  3. Well, I guess if there wouldn't be ups and downs, life would be less interesting ;)
    But it's good that you learned and you can say it was a worth year!
    I hope you start the next one with the right feet.



  4. Beautiful photos!
    Merry Christmas and happy New year!

  5. Congratulations girl! You look stunning in tests photos and I love your pretty outfit!
    xo Yvonne

  6. Lovely post!! You look beautiful! Sounds like a great year for you. :)


  7. Congratulation! You look beautiful at these pictures and love your outfit!
    xoxo Mon

  8. Beautiful photos! It sounds like you had a challenging but great year! Happy New Year lovely! :) xx

  9. I think you're both a beautiful and smart girl! Congratulations on your pageantry win. That is so awesome. I love your romper. Looks so cute on you.

  10. Beautiful outfit!!


  11. Sounds like a great year. I hope this New One will be even better for you :) xx