January 2018 Haul

Hey guys! How are ya all doing?? Second semester had started already and I'm back to being a dentistry student again. Nevertheless, one of  my new year's resolution this year is to keep up with the blog and publish 1 or 2 posts a week amidst the hell and haggard weeks I'll be facing real soon this semester. Don't you worry because I started drafting posts last vacation which are ready to publish to make my blogging life easier in my busy days. Yay for being productive! Haha! Anyway, It's time again for my monthly haul! I've been shopping a lot of cute stuffs lately (when I say cute it's something unusual and new to my eyes) and I wanted to share with you the things that I ordered from different online shops. :) 
Ice cream shaped pompom bag from Rosegal 
If you're my close friend or if you at least, know me well you know how much I love ice creams!!! Imagine my delight when I saw an ice cream shaped bag online! I had no second thoughts and immediately ordered it. The bag is not really spacious but at least you can bring with you the essentials like purse, phone, tissue powder and lip balm. I tell you, it definitely catches everyone's attention. I used it already in 2 events and got compliments. :) Yay for another added cute mini bag in my collection. 
Flamingo case for iPhone from Tosave
Aside from ice creams I've been kinda addicted to flamingos lately (I don't know why!!!) that's why I thought of ordering this cute case when I saw it online. There are a lot of different designs to choose from (As in!!!) and I'd definitely buy more of it in my next orders. :)
Some of the cases that I received lately. Baymax case and Milkshake cases from Ica and Flamingo silicon case from Tosave. More cases to come!!! :) 
Ombre Mermaid Makeup Brush set from Gamiss
This set of brushes are eye catching! I still have a set of brushes that I'm currently using but I thought of ordering this set because it's just too cute to resist! Look at the mermaid design and color! I bet every makeup guru would fall for it too (I'm an exception because I'm not a makeup guru haha) Aside from that the bristles are surprisingly soft and it doesn't fall out after I rubbed it against my skin. It's cheap for its price. I think it's less than $20 for 10 brushes already. :)
Acrylic Brush Holder Organizer from Gamiss 
What are brushes if there's no organizer? I purposely got my new babies an acrylic brushes organizer. It doesn't only holds my brushes, I still have that one space where I can put some makeups like eye creams and duo sticks. 
Oval UV Protection sunnies from Zaful
Last but not the least is this pair of sunnies! Talk about an addition to my collection! :) To be honest I got this pair because I still don't have red colored sunnies. (Sorry ang babaw ko haha) It turned out that when I first wore it everything is red. Haha! I decided to play with it and look directly in the sun. Ang galing! I didn't felt irritated at all. (Nabano na naman haha)
That's it! What's your favorite among these cute stuffs? :) You can check their sites by clicking the bold titles in the captions. See you guys in my next post! :)

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Twitter: @Shairaaaaa


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  1. Amazing!! *__*


  2. You bought so many cute things! :) xx

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