Let's try Yoga!

Hey guys! The past few months had been stressful in school. I thought I wouldn’t be that type of student who’ll binge on what they call “stress-eating” because for the past years I think I’ve lost my appetite after I started losing weight. But, that’s only my thoughts when I wasn’t stressed yet. I realized how eating, at some point, suffice my stressful state. My body is not responsible for it but my emotions. I swear, I eat because I’m sad or I’m stressed. With that, I realized that I eventually started gaining weight. :(  

Image from Curious Mind Magazine

I’ve been thinking of going back to working out and going on a strict diet again. I have thoughts of going back to the gym or maybe just a zumba or some workout sessions here in our house but one of my friends advised me to try yoga. I haven’t tried yoga but it seems interesting. My friend told me that I will not loose much weight unlike in sweating it all out in the gym but it’ll help in my muscle endurance and challenge my strength in balancing and flexing. It’s also a sort of meditation and relaxation wherein it helps release anxiety and depression.

I guess I really have to try yoga but before anything else I need to prepare first my yoga outfit! First things first, yoga pants. I have some preferences in choosing yoga pants just like how I choose my outfits. First, I want it to be comfortable and super stretchy. What are yoga pants if you cannot stretch and move in it properly? Next is I want it to be thick and sturdy enough so that there will be no broken stitches or holes after I use it consecutively. Third, I want high waisted yoga pants as it covers my tummy and the things that need to be covered. I’m used to wearing high waisted pants. Fourth is the design, of course. I’m really particular my look every time I start to workout or go to the gym. I always buy pieces that I know will look good on me because in that way, I become more motivated to workout. Haha! :)

For those of you who wants to try doing yoga just like me and plans on buying some yoga pants, send me an update and tell me your thoughts about the pants that you bought! :) See you in my next posts!


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  1. I'd like to try it!!


  2. Not done yoga in a long time, will need to get back to it x