Outfit. I've always been fascinated by cute summer dresses with cute details and bright colors. When I saw this dress from Zaful I know I have to get it for my beach trip. The color is just too bright and cute for a summer outfit plus I'm currently loving yellow. The cute asymmetrical ruffle detail in the front and back made it more feminine while the "not-so-deep" bare front and back made it more classy and sultry. The length of this dress is just perfect for a little conservative touch. Overall, this dress is a perfect summer dress whether you're going on road trips or beach trips. :)

If you have thoughts of purchasing this, you can get it for an additional 10% off by using the code: ZFNancy upon checkout. :)
Plunging Neck Ruffled Belted Floral Dress // $18.99 
Talking about the beach trip that I went to... Last month I went to Stilts in Calatagan Batangas for a day tour beach trip with Paulo's family. I've seen and heard a lot of good feedbacks and comments about the beach but I haven't been to that place prior to our trip. It was a pretty 2 hour drive from Batangas City to Calatagan. When we got there the first thing that caught my attention is the big number of bougainvillea flowers that Stilts have. It's literally everywhere- from the parking area down to the beach area! It makes the whole place attractive and charming to the guests eyes. There were also 2 equally huge pools near the entrance and the beach and of course everyone's reason for visiting Stilts- the famous Maldives-inspired floating cottages. I don't know how much a one night stay costs but I'm sure it's expensive. Haha! :) 
Everything in Stilts is beautiful but the pure white sand of the beach is my favorite. It reminds me of Alona beach in Panglao, Bohol. Ang ganda!!!  I didn't cared anymore if I'll get a sunburn or what (HAHA). I just loved the beach and I spent most of my time in the sandbar. :)
Thank you Tita Bhabes for sponsoring the whole trip! See you next year po :)

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  1. What a gorgeous place! That blue water is making me envious haha. The wrap-up dress is gorgeous, and yes this yellow is definitely great for the summer!

    Julia x

  2. A gorgeous place and amazing pics

  3. Beautiful outfit! Love the place and photos! :)

  4. I love the colour, print, ruffles and design of that dress you got from Zaful! You look gorgeous wearing it. All the locations where took your outfit photos look beautiful. The Stilts in Calatagan Batangas looks like a fabulous place to visit.