Farewell my dear Alma Mater!

Everything that happened today went so fast. Our graduation just ended this afternoon. I'm now officially part of the St. Bridget College Alumni Association. Time really flies so fast. I can't imagine myself leaving those big blue gates which I was trapped for 12 years. T_T I just can't leave those people who made my 12 years in SBC memorable and unforgettable. Those teachers who shaped me and taught me so many values and my friends who became the biggest part of my life in SBC, I'll miss them so much. Madrama? Well, I guess every graduate now feels what I feel. Okay lang mag drama. Aalis na e. I'm really happy and fulfilled that I was able to reach my goals in my 12 years of stay in SBC. I'll never forget everything that I've learned from it. 

You'll never know how much this man influenced each one of us unless you didn't graduate in SBC. He's our prefect of Discipline- Sir Gary Siyangbigay. 
My childhood best friend, Ina. After 4 years of not having a communication together, here we are again. :) I'm happy our graduation seats and her crush life reunited us. ;)
with my best friend, Noreen. I'm really thankful to her because even though we've only been together for 4 years we do shared alot of memories and experiences together. We still have a date on the second week of April :D
MANALO sisters. I didn't waste any chance having a picture with my long lost sisters. HAHAHA :))) We came from 4 different sections and from 4 different gorgeous mothers. Right? C'mon, agree with me it's our graduation though! HAHAHA
 Thank you so much grad seat mates for making our graduation more young and fun. I will always remember all the laughter we've shared together, the complaints we've made during practices...  Pati yung mga 1001 bow counting technique na naging 2,000,001 na pauso ni _! HAHAHAHA. Super laughtrip. 
And to all these people, thank you for being part of my High School life. Lahat po sila ay naging classmates ko and some of them are my classmates now. Of course hindi yan kumpleto kasi kung kumpleto yan sasabog ang blog ko :))) sila lang yung nakita ko after grad :) I didn't waste any chance to have a picture with them. Syempre! It's our last na nga di ba? I love you friends :) Sinong may blow-out? C'mon! V^_^V
THIS! Awarding! Seriously kinabahan po ako during this part. There were so many things running in my mind. I feel so excited yet kinakabahan. What if matanggal ang heels ng sapatos ko (though bagong bili XD), what if matapilok ako... I'm really "napapraning" na. HAHAHA. When I got my only award which is "With Honors" ayyy grabe, ANG SARAP NG FEELING! :) Natanggap ko na yung reward para sa lahat ng pinaghirapan at iniyakan ko. I'm not being exaggerated here kasi if you're really determined to be an honor student of SBC you need to go with the flow. You need to catch up and learn every lesson para may maisagot ka. Wag pangunahan ng takot. :) Juniors who are aspiring honor students, GOOD LUCK! Don't be afraid in Physics. :))) Just a simple tip: Kapag hindi gets ang lesson, magtanong na agad kasi talagang pahihirapan ka pagdating ng exam lalo na kung surprise pa! :))
 I felt like a model walking on the runway of London Fashion Week dahil sa sobrang saya! HAHAHA :))) 
This award is for her! I love you mama! :D

Thanks to everyone who supported me and never leave me in my 12 years journey in St. Bridget College. Thank you for influencing me a lot. You really made a big impact in my life. Congratulations Centennial Batch! :) Luceat Lux Vestra! 


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