Most precious gift this 4th Year HS

While browsing pictures from my cellphone and laptop I saw these pictures which made me realize how precious and fulfilling my 4th year life is. Graduation na bukas! Ang bilis ng oras. I've realized many things pero above all those things that I've realized yung sobra ang naging saya ko because I belonged to IV- BENEVOLENCE ang pinaka nangingibabaw. 11 boys, 34 girls and 1 loving adviser yan po ang BENE. Though we came from 4 different sections hindi kami nahirapan makibagay sa isa't-isa because from the start of the school year we consider ourselves one big happy family. Ibang klase po sila. Promise. I don't know what's with them but every time I'm with these people masayang-masaya po ako. Kahit na hindi ko ka close yung iba at wala masyadong chikasss still may communication at makikita mo talaga ang interaction between us. Hindi po madaling maging 4th year. Syempre hindi naman pwedeng puro saya di ba? Lalo pa't sa section namin we were always pressured because we all want to graduate "WITH HONORS". Not because we belong to the 2nd cream doesn't mean that we're book worms or kahit anong itanong mo ay masasagot namin. No. We're not robots! Sa totoo lang konti lang naman talaga sa Bene ang book worms. Siguro 1 out of 10. HAHAHA. We  experienced to cheat especially in Physics assignments , we laugh at each others' foolish acts, we make mistakes and we try to correct every mistake that was made... and that's what made us different, unique. We're not perfect. Those were the things that bind us. Tunay yan and sometimes many teachers get annoyed to us. Totoo po yan. Yung mga kaingayan at kalokohan, for sure everyone's gonna miss these. Thank you for all the memories. I love you BENE. <3 

I'm gonna miss you friends! Alam ko namang we do have so many plans this coming SUMMER at hopefully lahat ng yun ay mangyari. I'm really looking forward to it especially sa outings and road trips. :>

Congratulations! WE MADE IT! :D


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