I Belong

A week after I arrived from Hong Kong ( of course, I still have a hang-over) I searched for my favorite bloggers Hong Kong experiences because I want to know what places and spots did they went. Vern and Verniece's Hong Kong trip was just a week after mine while Laureen's, Kryz's, Camille's and Patricia's were really far from my trip date. Hahaha. 

After a long time of not opening my laptop, I opened some folders and found these photos I've saved. I chose to save the pictures which we have the same background. ;)

Anyway I just want you to share these pictures I've stitched together :)

A picture of me and my co-bloggers in the amusement park's entrance. Do you love our outfits? Mehehe. Vern, Verniece and I went there during Spring while Camille and Patricia went there during Hong Kong's Summer. I love it cause in some way I can feel that we've become somewhat connected. BUT of course having a picture with them and being with them for real will make me feel that I'm really one of them. I just hope to see and talk to them in an event. That would be so memorable. 

When I saw these balloons the first persons who came into my mind were Laureen and Kryz Uy. It was because I remembered them having a picture with these. And so I told myself that I need to have a picture too even though I still have to fall in line just to have this picture taken. This set of pictures is my favorite. You know why? Because even in this set of pictures Vern, Laureen, Kryz and I got to have a picture at exactly the same location with the same props. They're undeniably my favorite bloggers! I felt like I belong. :)  

My dream to meet my favorite bloggers and shop for their items will do come true LATER! I'll be attending Blogger's United 5 with my cousins and it will be my first time. I'm excited for it ;)

To all the inspiring bloggers out there, never stop dreaming and working. I know someday everything we've done will be payed off and of course will be worth it! :) Just be passionate and inspire others like how you've been inspired by these bloggers. :)

See you to those who'll come ;) 


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