Fashion Icon Meet and Greet

What could be more exciting than knowing that my favorite fashion blogger will be having her "Meet and Greet" here in Batangas. Omg! You don't know how happy I was after knowing that Ms. Laureen Uy will be going here!!! Blogger besties ALERT! :))
I told you! My blogger besties are always on the go when it comes to things like this! Sorry for these blurry pictures. I didn't know what happened to the settings of the camera. :(
And finally! For the second time I met you Ms. Laureen. Maybe this was the day I told you that I will turn into a fan girl again. I just can't help it.
I learned alot from her talk. I knew how she started and how she became famous, how she manage and still update her blog though busy with lots of works, tvcs and other stuffs. I want to see her again, talk to her and again tell her how happy I was because I met her. 
Look how edgy yet classy her outfit is.
Bridgetines with Ms. Laureen.
I'm so happy during this time and I'm so ready when we are about to take a picture with her. I actually had 2 cameras ready. Hahaha. Thanks to my cousin who came all the way from Manila (though she was so busy for her pre-lims) just to be with me to this one memorable event. 
I just noticed that the three of us have the same outfit colors! Red and Black. We're so meant to be. Hahaha
 I was talking and fooling around with her during that time. I was asking how was her trip in Paris and of course asked her some blogging stuffs. Look at the last picture, I don't know what I told her that made her laugh that hard. Hahaha. I'm so happy she appreciated everything I did and said. 
And after the picture and quick chitchat a POWER HUG from her completed my day! Thank you for inspiring me to improve and do better in this field. I will always be your number one fan and wait, I'm looking forward to the day that I will be doing a collab with you. :)
Group HUG with Bea.
Leaving you some sweeettt pictures of us. Till the next fashion events my dear fashion besties!


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  1. @Anna Sorikina Yes she is. Actually she's one of my fashion icons. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and reading my blog :)