Homemade Coffee Jelly

My very first food blog entry! Would you be believe that, the non-expert and non-cooker like me would have make a food blog like this. Hahaha. Anyway this is just very simple and it doesn't really require expert cooking. Amateurs like me can do this anytime I want. 

So to start with my cousins and I first searched for a Coffee Jelly recipe on the internet. We didn't really followed the whole procedure. We just get an idea from it. We even revised some ingridients because we prefer our own version. :P
Just browse and look at the pictures for the procedures. It's not really detailed. 
And here comes the finished product. Our own version of Home-made Coffee Jelly :) It tastes really yummy! Sorry if I didn't presented it in a nice way, I mean put it in a bowl and design the whole stuff. We just can't help it but taste once the coffee jelly was made. Parang free taste lang ang nangyari. Haha. I hope I made you smile today. 


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