Batangas City 44th Foundation Day

Last July 23 my hometown celebrated it's 44th Foundation Day. It was my first time to witness the traditional parade and it was worth it. 
The parade happened during the morning after the celebration of the mass in the coliseum. The weather was not really good and didn't cooperated at all because it rained. But the bad weather didn't stopped the Batangenueos from watching and witnessing the parade. 
The parade and all the programs and celebrations which happened the day before and the day itself wouldn't be possible without these people. I am really thankful to them for making the whole week a blast and unforgettable one. I just want to extend my deepest thank you to them also for bringing some of my favorite artists here in Batangas. Haha :) 
What would be a parade without a band. Actually there were lots of bands who performed from different schools. Though it was raining so hard that day nothing stopped them from performing their practiced productions.
While we were walking back to my tito's office, we saw this parked outside the building and VOILA! Get the camera and take a picture beside it!

Aside from the usual parade, Parade of the Floats were also one of the main highlight of the event. I actually wasn't able to watch the parade of the floats from the start because I did took my lunch first after the usual parade. I wasn't aware that it already started but anyway here's some of the floats I had the chance to take a picture :)
Isn't it lovely? Just look at every detail of the float of Shell. Everything is a statement and the structure and look of the float made me remember Flores de Mayo. It's really a scene stealer.
This little creature also participated during the parade. Haha. Their float might not be an eye catchy one but I'm pretty sure everyone was well entertained by this Yakult Mascot. :)
This was one of the biggest floats which was present in the parade. It was actually the float of Jesus of Nazareth hospital and it totally gave me goosebumps! 
At first sight did you think that those are manikins? Well, we have the same thought! 
The float which almost everyone was waiting! My dear Alma Mater's float. I really have big expectations when it comes to SBC's float because I'm pretty sure the person's behind it are professionals and so far the best artists I know in Batangas. 
Everything was beyond what I can imagine and expectation. In all fairness, If this was a contest I wouldn't have second thoughts that this float will get the first prize. Just look how majestic, grand and classy the float looks! Every detail is praise worthy and if I were to rate this, A plus for the effort, design and style. 
Some of my co-Bridgetines who represented the float of SBC.
Last but definitely not the least and everyone's most awaited float, the float of GMA. The float of GMA carries with it the main cast of the Primetime serye "My Husband's Lover". Meaning to say that float contains the gorgeous Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo.
I did enjoy participating for 3 days the "freebies" Batangas City had offered! The whole week event was a success from the Sublian Festival up to this grandeur parade. I'm happy I was able to witness all of those because from that I was able to experience what a true Batanguena is. 
I'm looking forward for the next Sublian Festival celebration. :)


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