Postcards from The Old Grove Farmstead

Finally, finally! I'm blogging my recent postcard like travel photos from the newest attraction here in Batangas. Just last October 18, Paulo and I went to tick off a new attraction from our travel bucket list in celebration of our 2nd Anniversary. It's been a long time since we went on road trips and galas like this one because we both became busy in school (me), work and reviewing for boards (him). When he asked me what I want as a gift for our anniv I told him I don't want to receive any material thing. I just want to spend a day with him in a beautiful place where we can both enjoy the view, relax and just take pictures. This is so far my most favorite among the attractions and trips that we went to. It's not only because the place is really beautiful but because it's the the only time again that I've seen Paulo so happy and carefree after almost a year. 
We always see it in Startoll everytime we go to Lipa from Batangas. We only trusted google maps to get here but I think it's pretty simple. If you're from Batangas you'll have to go through the city of San Jose first before you get here. The place is called The Old Grove Farmstead. Farmstead offers a beautiful countryside view with lush greens and rustic style establishments. It is also called The Netherlands of the Philippines because the scenery and views are so dreamy that you would think you booked a flight to Netherlands. There's a big Dutch barn in the middle where events such as wedding receptions and debuts are held. There's also a windmill, a rustic style restaurant, a pool area and of course our favorite spot, the animal farm. Everything is just refreshing to the eyes! Scroll down to see more of our snaps from the place. 
A day tour from Monday- Friday costs 500 pesos each and is inclusive of 200 pesos worth of consumable voucher in Harvest Cafe. It's not really expensive though. We ordered Chicken fingers and fries, Beef Burger and fries, Carbonara and Plated chicken and rice meal. We used the voucher here plus we still paid the excess of our order. I find their beef burger and plated chicken meal exceptional. Masarap! 
Outfit. Before we went here I've seen a lot of people wearing cowboy and countryside like outfits. I told myself that I want to wear a pink dress and a white hat just to break the colors of the place. Good thing Shein always has that dress I could imagine myself wearing to a particular place or event. When I saw this flounce fold over off shoulder dress in pastel pink from their website I was shookt because I feel like Shein have read what's on my mind! I knew for once that I have to get it and wear in this place! It's just freaking chic and feminine and it's simply what I have imagined wearing here. Thank you Shein for always dressing me up with lovely dresses. They are all simply gorgeous! 
Get the look for less by using the code: Q4Shaira upon check out for an extra 15% off. This is only valid from October to December 2019 and for every $59 and up orders. :)
Dress & bag from Shein
Sunnies & Slippers from Gamiss
Hat from Claire (Haha! Thanks sa gift!)
Our favorite part of the tour was feeding the farm animals!! There were ducks, sheep and a pony! We bought feeds to be able to call the attention of the animals most especially the sheep. It's my first time to see a real one up close and feed ir. I kinda freaked out when I saw a flock coming and running after us! They looked very hungry and they even bit Paulo's shorts when he didn't want to give feeds anymore!! Hahaha! Another memorable thing that happened was that I stepped on a number of poops inside the farm and I don't even know how to get rid each of it while I'm in the middle and being attacked by a flock of hungry sheep! HAHAHA! There was also a cute pony that roams inside the pen. Paulo and I really had a great time that we didn't notice how hot it was during that time. Nangitim kami after haha! 
This place will always be memorable to me. Thank you, Pau, for making this possible. Happy Anniversary! :) 

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  1. Wow this looks amazing babe
    Thanks for sharing

    Much Love,

  2. This place looks so beautiful and relaxing! The perfect place to unwind from the daily life.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. Yes! How I just wish I own the whole place haha

  3. pretty nung dress, love it! ganda ng location! happy anniversary sa inyo!

    Capturing Life Memoirs | Aimee

  4. This place looks so serene hun, your dress is beautiful and you look amazing!


  5. The pace of this trip looks so beautiful and gentle - the perfect escape! You look SO beautiful in this rose pink midi dress by the way; what a lovely design for warmer weather :) x

  6. This for sure is such a wonderful gift. So special!
    Lovely photos!

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  8. Amazing post, I love your photos! :)...Would you like to follow each other? If yes, please follow me on my blog and I´ll follow you back :) -

  9. Lovely pictures, it looks you had a great time!!

  10. This place looks amazing, very beautiful and relaxing too :) x

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