Batangas City celebrates "Sublian Festival 2013"

Last July 20 and 21 I attended two special events which both happened at Batangas City Coliseum because of the celebration of "Sublian Festival". Guests and artists were invited from the 2 famous networking sites, GMA and ABS-CBN. 
The first one to come which happened from 8 in the morning till 7 pm was the Kapuso Stars. Everyone in the city was invited because the admission and entrance were for FREE. Who'll say NO if you'll be able to meet your favorite artists for FREE. It's a good chance right? I honestly don't go there at the exact time because I don't have someone to go with me. Why is everyone so BUSY?! :( Good thing I have this friend who is always ON THE GO and despite of her busy schedule still made a way for us two to bond and at the same time meet the "Man who captured our Hearts". Thanks Patrice!
So here's my picture with the cast of Anna Karenina (Julian Trono, Derrick Monasterio, Hiro Magalona, Jhoana Tan, Joyce Ching, Barbie Forteza and Krystal Reyes). Despite of all the many Kapuso Stars who went there, they were only the ones whom I intentionally came for. I was bedazzled and felt like I was floating in a Cloud 9 when I saw my top favorite GMA stars all staring at me and thinking the unbelievable fact that I will have a picture with this group. Omy! Bea Binene, Jhake Vargas and Kristoffer Martin should have been there too! :) 
All I can say is that I was absolutely speechless when I saw these two guys because all my infatuations were turned into a reality. Love triangle. Hahaha. Hiro Magalona was really approachable and 5x more handsome in person. What I loved about him was that I didn't even need to make an effort for him to notice me because he was the one who welcomed and approached me when I was about to have a picture with him. Look how close we are in the picture. He's such a gentleman.  :"> On the other side, Derrick Monasterio whom I've been crushing since I saw him act in Tween Hearts HELD my HANDS for about 15-20 seconds when we were at the backstage already. Boy! I got so kilig! :"> As in, right now while making this post I still can't get-over every time I think about what happened between Derrick and I's conversation and the HOLDING HANDS part! Waaahh!

Do you think it already ends there? Of course not! Last Sunday the 3 most promising young artists of ABS-CBN came to perform and promote their latest primetime teleserye, Muling Buksan ang Puso. They were no other than Enrique Gil, Julia Montes and Enchong Dee.

Just like last January during the Ms. Batangas pageant my cousins and I were again seated in the VIP section that's why we felt so lucky and blessed to see those famous artists face to face.  
Look how jam-packed the coliseum is while the people were waiting patiently for their favorite artists to come out. 
The first to came out of the stage was the "MAN OF MY DREAMS", Enrique Gil. 
That feeling I got when I saw him going down the stage and running to our direction. I can't stop from cheering to the point that my voice was so abused screaming his name. 
He was so near to us that I was able to pinch his nose and cheeks. Hahaha. Ang pogi talaga!!!
And because I didn't get to have a picture when he came near :( I only have this. He was already far from us here but I guess it's still Close enough. Hahaha.
As per request he danced his own version of Gentlemen. and wait I forgot to say that he danced it in the sexiest way! Cheers to the "Sexiest Man in the Philippines"THE BEST version so far. :P 
Do you want a proof? Watch this video I uploaded just for you guys! :) I love you that much. 
Play it in 360p for better viewing :) and BTW, sorry for the shakiness. I don't know what's the problem of youtube.
The last to come out was Enchong Dee. The crowd went crazy once again!!!
His charm made every girl, whether young or feeling young, scream and shout. He was so appealing to the crowd. 
And here's the lucky girl and the leading lady of those two hot guys! Ms. Julia Montes.
She never fails to impress me. That was the third time I saw her and she even looked more gorgeous.
and the story of being a fan girl for two consecutive days ends here. I forgot to tell you that this post will be this long. I hope you read each details and didn't get bored in any possible way. Haha. Hope you do felt what I felt after you read this post! 
Let's just wait for my next fan girl moments again. Hahaha. Ciao!


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