Just in Time

One of the best leisure and bonding time my friends or cousins would engage too is a photo shoot like this. This mini photo shoot happened way back August this year but I wasn't able to blog this right after the shoot. Let's talk about backlog post! Darn. Anyway I think this is the perfect and right timing to post this photo shoot. Keep on reading and you'll know why! :)
If you will notice our chosen theme here was more of "One of the Boys" look. Do you think I achieved it? I actually thought that these pair of pants would be a good starting to point to wear since it looks like a boy's pants. I thought of pairing and matching it with my clothes which have the nearest possible color as the pants. Luckily I have this top that I actually over used since the day I bought it. Hahaha :) One of the piece that made this look manly is the neck tie which I borrowed from my brother. Of course the vest also made a big impact because it added some style to my over all look. Lastly I wore my school shoes to make it more of a formal look. What do you think of this whole mix and matching thing? :) Comments and suggestions are loved. 
And here's my partner in all the fashion crimes and photo shoots, Mimi! Doesn't she look gorgeous in her beanie? :)
Oh I really really love this shot! Such an innocent yet fierce look! Pretty pretty girlyy
I guess this is the perfect and right timing to post all these crazy pictures of ours in public because it's her birthday today!. :)) 
Happy Happy Birthday Ate Aimee, Mimi, Mimi swagg or whatever names I call you :P Thank you for being one of my sponsor in this blogging and fashion life I have. Hahaha. You know what I mean. :P 

Since the day you've entered your college life I've seen how dedicated you are to your chosen field. Besides I think that you and your course are match made in heaven because I can see that you really have a passion in  designing and crafting even the tiniest stuff you see. You have lots of ideas! I know that in the future, along with your future Archi sister, you'll make a big name in this world. Who knows mamaya ikaw na yung designer ng iPhone 10 tapos si Ica naman ang isa sa architect ng itatayong first 7-star hotel sa Pilipinas? We'll never know. :))) How about Mons? I know she'll be a great doctor someday too. Her ultimate pathologist dream is just one step away, I mean 2 exams and proper away. :)) I know that whatever course Ara will take in her college years, she will be as successful as you are! I heard that she wants to be an interior designer! 3 designers and a doctor, OMG! I just can imagine the Bustillo sisters in the near future. Good Luck! :)
Happy Birthday again Mimi. Sorry if I wasn't able to help you in your school stuffs (lalo na sa pag bubutingting). I really don't have any talent in that field. :( But I assure you, you can always count on me! :) I love you Mimi! <3


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  1. Ang gandaaaa :) I love the flowy top! So pretty. And I like the fact that u added a necktie. It turned out masculine but feminine.... If that makes sense. Very unique ung dating!


  2. Aww. Thanks for the nice compliment Kyle! :D Good thing na you were able to see what I really want to achieve, the masculine/feminine look. =))) Thanks talaga! :)