Breath taking view isn't it? It feels like I'm a tourist all over again when I am here. 
If you were to ask me, the best time to go here in Monte Maria is before the sunset so you could have a free time to capture everything you like before evening. In our case we were just in time for the sunset when we went there. We were able to see the what they call "magic and spark". Seriously ang sarap mag-emote. :)) It was so romantic.
Here's a mandatory tourist shot from the four of us. 
Here's to another selfie plus photobombed picture of Mimi and Mons. We actually made a video of this. You may visit my instagram account to view it! :)
Channeling my new hair style. #Shorthair :) Another list from my Sembreak bucketlist removed! Any opinions or feedbacks about the new hairstyle? Comments are loved. 

A touristy shot of my baby brother. Look at the backdrop! So so lovely! :)
Another touristy shots of the new comer tourist! Hahaha. Look-up pose. :)
It was so windy during that time that I really had a hard time posing for photos. Actually almost all the pictures taken were fail pictures because my hair kept on smashing my face. Hahaha :))
Here's to my OOTD! Plain and prints outfit. I'm not pertaining to the brand, I'm pertaining to the outfit combination. :)

Before we leave the beautiful Monte Maria, here are some pahabol poses! :))

What would you feel if you were to wake up one morning with this view?

My family together with my relatives spent 2 days and a night in my grandparents' hometown. We were almost complete that it seemed like we had a reunion party. One thing that I really like when I'm at my grandparents' place is that whenever we'll eat it feels like we were attending a feast. They serve feast-like yummy foods! Hahaha. We ate together as a family sharing not only great foods but also countless stories.

One thing that we love doing the most and of course the thing that almost all of us (cousins) missed doing are being beach bums! We took a walk by the shore one afternoon. Caught by the beauty of the clear water we certainly didn't had any second thoughts of swimming and of course never thought that in no time we will be caught swimming in our big t-shirts and pajamas! Hahaha. Yes, that's how insane we are!  
Hi there Mrs. Lennon! She wasn't able to swim with us because she's a late comer. Channeling her beach hair/ beach waves. Hahaha :))
I like these pictures. Look how Hanz and Aerolle bond with each other while we were happily swimming. Hahaha. 
Before we end our swimming session we asked the man approaching driving a motor boat if we could take a ride. Fortunately he said "Yes". Mimi and I had a really good time exploring the deep and clear sea of Pagkilatan. Special thanks to lolo for giving us a ride!

This is probably the main highlight of  my sembreak. The days I feel free in the social networking world :P (but still there's pocket wi-fi) and the days well spent with my family and with the persons equally close to my heart. December is fast approaching and I just can't wait for the true family reunion to happen when everyone is complete! 


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  1. Great photos and post. You all look great :) Wish I could wake up to a view like that every morning... :( I need a vacay lol.

  2. nice photos! seems like a really nice place! kapwa filipina over here :)

  3. Kylie- I actually think that you need a vacation too just like this because you told me that you've been stressing with all the school works you're doing as of now! I think it's time to take a break! :) xoxo

    Lavina- Thanks! It's really a nice place to visit. :) Btw, I just visited your blog and I loved it! xoxo