Yes, August is almost over and that means Hi to ber months and birthday month! :) Before this month come to its end I just want to share with you some of the things which kept me busy and alive for this month. And by the way these pictures were taken after our midterm exams and mostly on and after Bagyong Maring attacked the Philippines which resulted to a long and cozy vacation.

Bye Midterms, Bye August Hello Semi-Finals Hello September Hello Birth month!!!
Some of my relatives told my mom that one of the best pizza in town is Calda Pizza and we should definitely try one. We got curious and tried one. Since we're big in the family (because my cousins were with us), we ordered the second to the biggest. My tita suggested that we should try the Quattro Stagione which consists of 4 different flavors including Bolognese, Hawaiian, Etna and Calda. Boy, it tasted so good. :) It is now one of our favorite. ;)
Krabby Patty version 2.0 :) During the time of Bagyong Maring I was stucked for about a week in the house and I seriously don't know what to do. I saw in our freezer that we have patties so I experimented and thought of making a hamburger. I looked for other ingredients and asked my mom to buy a burger bun. After a few minutes of cooking and preparing here comes the result! :) 
My co-dentists and I celebrated our victory over those midterm exams plus midterm grades. Hahaha. I'm so happy about the results. I hope that it'll continue till finals. 
How about rewarding myself with this super cute New York inspired painting. I honestly wouldn't want to leave this when I first saw it. Let's just say it's a love at first sight thing! ;) 
This is how we prepared for Nicole's 18th. :) I will be blogging about Nicole's 18th Birthday after this post. Wait for it. 
Twins sparated at birth. The effect is really cool right. Thanks to Split Pic app. My cousins and siblings really love it!
This just happened last Wednesday. Finally my BFF had our date after 4 long months. We had our meet-up at SM. We were together for almost 5 hours and roamed the entire mall twice yet still the time isn't enough for all the chikas we brought for each other. I'm so happy for Noreen. I'm so happy for her midterm grades! Hahaha. Next meet-up will happen on her birthday. I can't wait for SEPTEMBER!!! :) 
Though far from the birthday girl we still celebrated her special day. We bought some red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. Happy Happy Birthday to our not so baby girl :P and I hope you enjoyed your day! 
Pre-Dental and Doctor of Dental Medicine Acquaintance Party. A day of FUN and PARTY. Even though it wasn't really my expected Acquaintance party it still went good because of the active participation and efforts of all the Dental students. That day was extra special too because my classmate's friend introduced me to a freshman Nigerian guy who happened to be the most handsome Nigerian so far in our school :P Anyway the best thought that I have in mind right now is that I can't wait to become a clinician too just like the DDM 3 and 4. Let's push this! ;)

My outfit here reminded me of my favorite hollywood star Selena Gomez. If you frequently check her styles you can see that she prefer comfort better than style. That justifies some of her trademarks in the fashion industry like the dress + boots and sweater + jeans + boots outfits ensemble. For this outfit I stole Selena's dress + boots style. 
Who says boots can't be worn in the Philippines? I don't have any excuse not to wear one and i think it's a good chance to wear a pair since it was cold and windy last week because of typhoon Maring. Good thing Batangas didn't experienced the harsh scenarios of floods like those in Manila (because if so, I should have worn a rubber boots instead of this) and i think everyone here were safe.
I love the wind effect on my hair. :) 
I matched my outfit with the accessories given by my friends. Ring from Jem, Necklace from Nadine and Bracelets from Yram.
What do you think of this outfit? :) Have a great day ahead! :) 


What could be more exciting than knowing that my favorite fashion blogger will be having her "Meet and Greet" here in Batangas. Omg! You don't know how happy I was after knowing that Ms. Laureen Uy will be going here!!! Blogger besties ALERT! :))
I told you! My blogger besties are always on the go when it comes to things like this! Sorry for these blurry pictures. I didn't know what happened to the settings of the camera. :(
And finally! For the second time I met you Ms. Laureen. Maybe this was the day I told you that I will turn into a fan girl again. I just can't help it.
I learned alot from her talk. I knew how she started and how she became famous, how she manage and still update her blog though busy with lots of works, tvcs and other stuffs. I want to see her again, talk to her and again tell her how happy I was because I met her. 
Look how edgy yet classy her outfit is.
Bridgetines with Ms. Laureen.
I'm so happy during this time and I'm so ready when we are about to take a picture with her. I actually had 2 cameras ready. Hahaha. Thanks to my cousin who came all the way from Manila (though she was so busy for her pre-lims) just to be with me to this one memorable event. 
I just noticed that the three of us have the same outfit colors! Red and Black. We're so meant to be. Hahaha
 I was talking and fooling around with her during that time. I was asking how was her trip in Paris and of course asked her some blogging stuffs. Look at the last picture, I don't know what I told her that made her laugh that hard. Hahaha. I'm so happy she appreciated everything I did and said. 
And after the picture and quick chitchat a POWER HUG from her completed my day! Thank you for inspiring me to improve and do better in this field. I will always be your number one fan and wait, I'm looking forward to the day that I will be doing a collab with you. :)
Group HUG with Bea.
Leaving you some sweeettt pictures of us. Till the next fashion events my dear fashion besties!


Hi guys! This is a backlog post. We're on the 4th week of August already but it is only this time wherein I was able to arrange the pictures and put the right words here in this post. My first week of August and until now has been so far so good. I hope that the latter weeks would be also especially that more upcoming and exciting events will be happening. Anyway, sharing with you some pictures I captured the first week. 
*Read through the captions for details. 

Faye's Birthday Treat
Last August 2, we celebrated my close friend's birthday. Good thing it was a Friday and I have no classes or any scheduled appointments. ;) 
What could be more exciting in a girls bonding than fitting and shopping clothes together! ;) 
Before we watch the movie "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo" of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim we first ate together. Bumped into this gorg lady (Danica) :)
What can you say about this top? Yay or Nay? Hahaha. 

 Weekend Visit
Well spent weekend playing and foolin' around with this hot momma and her little creatures. 
Selfies. I <3 HK 

Lunch with Yram
Had a meaningful and well spent lunch with Yram. She took me to a different world where I haven't been at all. I was a first timer and I found the place cooler and nicer than what I usually experience. Well served graham they have! Aside from that we did talked about some personal stuffs like College Life. I miss High School. I miss my friends. Whenever I feel bored and sad and I just don't feel like being with the people around me I call Yram instantly and everything just turn to life!

Pre-Dent Class Picture
PRE DENTAL IA. 25 girls and 5 boys :))) We had our class picture during the first week for our entry in the upcoming Aquaintance Party of the all the Dentistry students from Pre Dental I&II till DDM I-IV. Isn't that FUN? I'm so excited for it!!! 
Wacky with my co-dentists! :)

How was your August? I hope mine will still be good after I see my mid term exam results tomorrow! Haha. 

My very first food blog entry! Would you be believe that, the non-expert and non-cooker like me would have make a food blog like this. Hahaha. Anyway this is just very simple and it doesn't really require expert cooking. Amateurs like me can do this anytime I want. 

So to start with my cousins and I first searched for a Coffee Jelly recipe on the internet. We didn't really followed the whole procedure. We just get an idea from it. We even revised some ingridients because we prefer our own version. :P
Just browse and look at the pictures for the procedures. It's not really detailed. 
And here comes the finished product. Our own version of Home-made Coffee Jelly :) It tastes really yummy! Sorry if I didn't presented it in a nice way, I mean put it in a bowl and design the whole stuff. We just can't help it but taste once the coffee jelly was made. Parang free taste lang ang nangyari. Haha. I hope I made you smile today. 


Last July 23 my hometown celebrated it's 44th Foundation Day. It was my first time to witness the traditional parade and it was worth it. 
The parade happened during the morning after the celebration of the mass in the coliseum. The weather was not really good and didn't cooperated at all because it rained. But the bad weather didn't stopped the Batangenueos from watching and witnessing the parade. 
The parade and all the programs and celebrations which happened the day before and the day itself wouldn't be possible without these people. I am really thankful to them for making the whole week a blast and unforgettable one. I just want to extend my deepest thank you to them also for bringing some of my favorite artists here in Batangas. Haha :) 
What would be a parade without a band. Actually there were lots of bands who performed from different schools. Though it was raining so hard that day nothing stopped them from performing their practiced productions.
While we were walking back to my tito's office, we saw this parked outside the building and VOILA! Get the camera and take a picture beside it!

Aside from the usual parade, Parade of the Floats were also one of the main highlight of the event. I actually wasn't able to watch the parade of the floats from the start because I did took my lunch first after the usual parade. I wasn't aware that it already started but anyway here's some of the floats I had the chance to take a picture :)
Isn't it lovely? Just look at every detail of the float of Shell. Everything is a statement and the structure and look of the float made me remember Flores de Mayo. It's really a scene stealer.
This little creature also participated during the parade. Haha. Their float might not be an eye catchy one but I'm pretty sure everyone was well entertained by this Yakult Mascot. :)
This was one of the biggest floats which was present in the parade. It was actually the float of Jesus of Nazareth hospital and it totally gave me goosebumps! 
At first sight did you think that those are manikins? Well, we have the same thought! 
The float which almost everyone was waiting! My dear Alma Mater's float. I really have big expectations when it comes to SBC's float because I'm pretty sure the person's behind it are professionals and so far the best artists I know in Batangas. 
Everything was beyond what I can imagine and expectation. In all fairness, If this was a contest I wouldn't have second thoughts that this float will get the first prize. Just look how majestic, grand and classy the float looks! Every detail is praise worthy and if I were to rate this, A plus for the effort, design and style. 
Some of my co-Bridgetines who represented the float of SBC.
Last but definitely not the least and everyone's most awaited float, the float of GMA. The float of GMA carries with it the main cast of the Primetime serye "My Husband's Lover". Meaning to say that float contains the gorgeous Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo.
I did enjoy participating for 3 days the "freebies" Batangas City had offered! The whole week event was a success from the Sublian Festival up to this grandeur parade. I'm happy I was able to witness all of those because from that I was able to experience what a true Batanguena is. 
I'm looking forward for the next Sublian Festival celebration. :)