BEST of 2013

I can say that the year 2013 had been my favorite year so far. Many things really happened and most of it were my firsts. I couldn't mention all of those here because there are literally a lot but here are my top picks/ favorites! :)
.Fourth Year High School.
Centennial Celebration would be the first on my list. The Centennial Celebration of my alma mater was one of the main highlight of my 12 years in SBC. Parents' Night. Everything was so memorable from the practices till the night itself plus my long time crush way back in 4th year finally noticed me. Gosh! Hahaha <3 HS Graduation. After 4 years in High School finally every hardships and sleepless nights were payed off! I am proud that i was able to maintain my grades till the last year and graduated with honors! It is no joke after all because i literally cried a lot of tears before i get that award. #Physics Hahaha. I'm really madrama when i was in high school. 
.Summer 2013.
Hong Kong and Shenzhen Trip. This is so far the most memorable trip i had in my whole life. It was my first time to explore another country and i couldn't wait to explore one again. I hope we can travel again this year. <3 Ate Rica's 18th. This event was also one of my favorite. Would you believe that this debut was only planned weeks before the event? From the photo shoots, location, caterers down to the smallest details... they were all done in a rush and i'm proud that i was one of the organizers. It was actually me and my mom. The event was a blast and really memorable not only for the debutante but for all of us. Bloggers United 5. It was my first time to attend BU and all i can say is WOW! I've got to meet all my favorite local bloggers and of course had a picture with them. :"> 
Dentistry. This changed me a lot. I really didn't expect that i will be a dentist in the making instead of a nephrologist. I was only able to made up my mind that i will be taking up Dentistry after my mom enrolled me. It didn't seem legit right? Hahaha. Anyway i'm currently enjoying what i'm in and i've accepted whole-heartedly that this is my future. I will be a dentist! :) I can't wait to be in my proper years and be a clinician though some of my co-dentists are warning me already how hard it would be. I'm up for all those challenges and i'm ready to face them bravely. Met my co-dentists. Meeting a bunch of new faces was no joke because you need to introduce yourself again and again and still need to get to know well each. Well, not for these people. I don't know why but the first time i saw them it was like i've been with them for years already. (pertaining to Justine and Lady) We were so close that people thought we were classmates back when we were in HS. I'm happy that as time passed by i can get along well with everyone. First Semester Class Card. I'm not bragging about this but i''m very thankful for this. I might not get the scholarship i'm wanting but i'm really satisfied with my grade outcome during my first sem in college. I hope that next year i could still maintain my grades even though Chem and Pol Sci are hurting and stressing me out. :'(  
.Sembreak 2013.
First Bloggers Photo shoot. This is also one of my firsts that's why it was memorable for me. This year I had my first photo shoot experience with a pro, Ms. Apz Pasumbal. The best thing about it was that i'm with my two equally gorgeous fashion bffs that's why it was really loud and fun! Billy Crawford Concert Experience. I had attended a lot of concerts and fan girl events this year but this one was the most memorable. Many things happened that night and i can't state it here one by one. Hahaha. All in all it was concert party and i had the most memorable night with a star! Officially 17. Aside from all those events mentioned of course i won't be able to forget the day i turned 17. :) Even though that day may not be really bongga and in fact i was sick that time still i was able to spent it happily with my family. 
.Christmas Break.
Bloggers United 6. After I attended BU5 I promised myself that no matter what happens i'll attend BU6. Well, it was my pre-lims week during that time and i was in the middle of thinking if i'll still push BU6. As i've said no one can hinder me from attending BU6 and so i did. Hahaha. It was more fun this time since i have more cousins who joined and i've got to shop more unlike the first wherein mostly I had pictures taken only with the bloggers. Tagaytay and Nuvali Trip. This marked the last memorable event that completed my 2013. My family is almost complete and it made me the happiest person on earth that day. :)
I'm hoping for a better year, better 2014 ahead for me and my family and of course for you! :) Thanks for being with me since 2012! It's finally the start of 2014 here in my blog! :)   


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