Christmas Break: Sky Ranch Tagaytay and Nuvali

Cheers to my first post this 2014! :) Before 2013 ends our whole family decided to have a road trip in Tagaytay and Laguna. This was extra special because we're complete, i mean almost complete (because there's one missing) and can pass as one of the craziest and loudest trip i had this year aside from the HK and Shenzhen. :)

Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Our first stop was at Sky Ranch Tagaytay. Because it was holiday it was expected that the place was jam packed. It was gloomy and cold the whole afternoon meaning no sweat at all. Yay! :) 
Here's what i came up wearing. This outfit is really unplanned and I guess unplanned things really works best! Tried and tested. Hahaha. Top/Dress from Shopaholic and Boots from Hong Kong
Family shot with the grand parents. 
The teens in the family :) Spot the youngest and eldest. *Hint: the youngest is one of the tallest guy and the eldest is the smallest lady. Hahaha. 
People call me giant already but hey, what do you call my brother who is only 13 years old and now taller than me? :P I'm not being bias but I'm with my favorite male cousin in the second photo. Tall, Dark and Handsome, say whut?? :P 
with the always MIA cousins. Hahaha. I missed them and i mean it. They looked even healthier and taller this year. :)) I told you I'm from the family of the giants! 
View from our gondola. Foggyyy. 
My wheelmates! Loud and crazy people screaming and partying inside the gondola for 10 minutes. Hahahaha. We took alot of videos while we were at the peak. 
They can be mistaken as father and son in these photos. So adorable :)  
We're almost complete here. Insert RJ, Hanz and Nathan :)

Our second and last stop was in Nuvali. It was already late afternoon when we arrived there and it was drizzling. Good thing though it only took few minutes to drizzle and we're back again roaming around the whole place. 
This is probably one of the main attraction in Nuvali. My young cousins didn't waste the chance to feed all of those fishes. 
At last here's to our family shot. It was a little fail because my second youngest cousin wanted to leave urgently and went back to his game world. Ughh. Hahahaha. Anyway, here's Lolo Pascual and Lola Moning's family greeting you a Happy New Year! :D

We've decided to take a boat ride and luckily umabot kami sa cut-off! :) We were the boat's last trip. Well, it is no joke to wait for 2 hours for our turn and we just need to kill the time. The oldies had a mini session together in Italianni's while some of my cousins decided to look for a hotspot and upload the pictures in fb. Well, my group (Mimi, Ara, Kian and I) decided to go to the other side of Nuvali. We recorded alot of videos while walking towards the other side and window shopped after we got there. Hahaha. 
We were on timing that after we got back it was already out turn to ride the boat. It was past six already. City lights and colder breeze. The ride experience during the night was real crazyyy. Full of screams and shouts! Just imagine we were in a yacht in San Francisco partying. Crazy, Young, Fun, and WILD!!! :)) 
This was how we ended the night. It was a perfect day indeed and if possible i want to go back again and experience the whole day on repeat with my family. <3 What's your best memory last 2013? :)

*This is still not my last post for 2013 because i still have one. I just wanted to greet you again a Happy Happy New Year!  


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