Quotes I Love

It's been a long time already since i shared something like this here on my blog. Anyway, here are some of the quotes that made me smile (because i can totally relate to) and i hope would make you too. 

Try not to skip any quote especially the long ones because you might miss alot. :P
1. I can totally relate with the first one especially if i'm thinking of blogging what i'll wear. It's so hard to find the best clothes and play with mix and matching because of having the same set of clothes in the closet. If you're a blogger too i know you can relate!! :)
2. I found this cute and cheesy. :P Haha
1. Got this from instagram and i totally agree with the statement. Being gwapo is just a bonus point that's why don't consider first the looks and instead try to consider first his thoughts and moves and of course his SENSE of HUMOR. :) 
2. Got this also from instagram and made me laugh really hard. If i'm not mistaken i got these 2 statements from the same person. :) cto.
How i wish this is true. :)
1. Would you believe that i still consulted dear google for this? :)) Haha.
2. <3
Does this mean that i'am beautiful and sexy? Just kidding! :) No hate please! Hahaha.
1. THIS IS SO ME! Can you relate with me too? :P
2. Agree! :)
And finally the meme quote that never gets old and will continue to make me laugh every time i'll read this. Even my guy friends laughed real hard after seeing this because they can totally relate too every time someone reject them. </3 Hahaha.  

I hope you're now leaving my blog with a smile on your face. <3 


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  1. Love this post, Shaira! Sobrang entertaining <3


  2. Thanks Kylie! :) Thought of posting this kase malapit na rin ang Valentines. Haha. Love is in the air. <3